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By A Confluence Film

A marvelous flyfishing film: great characters & personalities, cinematography, music, a variety of freshwater & saltwater, & an adequate supply of what we all like to call fish porn. Aimed at showing all viewers — from hardcore, 300-day-a-year guides, to people who’ve never picked up a fly rod — that flyfishing is a much deeper, more interesting, more varied, & a more fulfilling sport than they’ve been led to believe by mainstream media. Filmed in Oregon, Bahamas, India, Belize, Montana, Utah & Colorado. 65 min.


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By now, thankfully, a number of quality flyfishing films have been produced. Some have been very well made, but were a little too short – without a broad range of subject matter. Others have been long, only to have you wishing they were shorter. And others have had decent storylines and characters, but appeared to be filmed by your nine-year-old sister as she was dribbling her soccer ball. They have all been encouraging and unique in their own ways, but none have successfully integrated the five major pieces of a flyfishing film: great characters and personalities, cinematography, music, a variety of freshwater and saltwater, and an adequate supply of what we all like to call fish porn. Confluence Films aims to change that with Drift – a full length production scheduled for release in mid-September.

The film is aimed at showing all viewers — from hardcore, 300-day-a-year guides, to people who’ve never picked up a fly rod — that flyfishing is a much deeper, more interesting, more varied, and a more fulfilling sport than they’ve been led to believe by mainstream media, particularly the more traditional fishing magazines and television shows. Drift will do this by highlighting some of the sport’s more colorful characters and destinations, capturing these stories on location with the best shooters in the business using the best medium known to man — film. That is important to mention, as every fly fishing movie and video project to date has been shot on video Drift will be the first ever feature-length fly fishing project shot entirely on film.

How many times have we all heard this complaint about a particular project: “Great concept, but poor execution.” No business is perfect, so there will always be the threat of a certain amount of flawed execution, but what we’ve seen so much in the past with flyfishing films is a sort of “ready, fire, aim” approach to the planning process. And as any business owner or project manager knows, ideas are the easy part. The difference is in the details, and the three partners in Confluence Films have at least 20 years of experience each in their respective roles for Drift—writing, directing, filming, editing, producing, planning travel and arranging logistics. They have each run their own successful businesses and know the importance of details in putting together a great final product.

Drift will combine all the necessary elements to result in the first full-length, high production-value, multi-destination flyfishing movie ever made. “Setting the bar” is an overused term in all industries, but we are indeed aiming high and we trust that both viewers and sponsors will be happy with where we land.

The Locations

Production on Drift began in September of 2007. A total of five separate segments are planned for the movie, as well as the introduction and a closing piece. The end result will be a movie of approximately 65 minutes.

Locations for Drift include:

• Oregon’s Deschutes River
• The North Bight of Andros Island in the Bahamas
• The high-altitude rivers of Kashmir, India
• Southern Belize
• Montana’s Bighorn River
• Utah’s Green River
• Colorado’s Frying Pan River.

The Confluence Films team is comprised of three partners — Chris Patterson,
Jim Klug
and Tom Bie.

Chris Patterson
Director and Cinematographer
Best known for his work in the realm of action sports, Chris has worked for the past 16 years as lead Director/Cinematographer of Warren Miller Ski Films. Chris's stunning visuals and unparalleled camerawork have been recognized by the advertising industry as well. As a result, he has shot major commercial campaigns for Buick, Ford, Nissan, the US Army, Navy Seals, Visa, Jeep, Toyota, and numerous other companies and corporations. As a documentary filmmaker, Chris has produced a number of award-winning adventure films and television programs throughout the world for OLN, Versus, National Geographic and NBC. Chris lives in Bozeman, Montana.

Jim Klug

Executive Producer
Founder and Director of Operations for Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures, Jim has worked in the flyfishing industry as a guide, sales rep, travel coordinator, and as National Sales Manager for both Scientific Anglers and StreamWorks. He has guided extensively in Montana, Colorado, New Mexico and Oregon, and has fished throughout the world in over 25 different countries. With a particular love of saltwater flats fishing, Jim spends a lot of time in the Caribbean, Central and South America, working with Yellow Dog’s network of lodges and guides. Jim lives in Bozeman, Montana.

Tom Bie

Writer and Narration
As publisher and editor of The Drake magazine, Tom is certainly not a stranger to the flyfishing industry. Tom and Chris have worked together in years past creating memorable segments in the Warren Miller Film STORM while Tom was senior editor at Skiing magazine. Tom also produced the first full-length, non-instructional flyfishing film — Feeding Time, which was released in December of 2003 — and his writing has graced the pages of Men’s Journal, Outside, Powder (where he served as Editor), Ski, Skiing, and many other premier publications. Tom’s knowledge of flyfishing will lend to the creative content and editing of the film. Tom lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.


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