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Ask About Fly Fishing was started in March of 2006 by D. Roger Maves and his friend Don Bishop. The idea came to Roger one day as he realized no one was "talking" online about fly fishing. He ran it by Don and they decide to give it a go. No one called it podcasting back then so since they delivered it live over the Internet they called it Internet Radio. Don quickly realized that this would turn into quite a bit of work and decided to pursue retirement full-time. Since then Roger has produced over 325 shows and interviewed over 200 guests.

Roger is also the founder of the Fly Fishing Digital Marketing Group a subsidiary of The Knowledge Group, Inc. He contributes articles to industry magazines including Angling Trade and is a sought-after speaker, consultant, and educator. Roger has worked for most of his life in marketing, advertising, and design winning many awards including The Art Directors Club of Denver Award and the Denver Advertising Federation Alfie Awards and Grand Alfie Award.

Today he focuses on leading his team at Fishing Digital Marketing Group providing digital marketing services and consulting for small and medium-sized fly fishing businesses. They specialize in website design and development, reputation marketing, Google Ads, search engine optimization, Facebook advertising, social media marketing, retargeting, and email marketing.

Roger has trained, consulted, and worked with businesses across the United States and around the world including Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and Central America and has helped them to improve their business and marketing operations.


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