Cast, Catch, Release: Finding Serenity and Purpose Through Fly Fishing

By Marina Gibson

For readers of H Is for Hawk and Wild, a lyrical memoir and passionate ode to the art of fly fishing and how it can shape a life—by renowned female angler and conservationist Marina Gibson. Tracing the epic, migratory journey of the Atlantic salmon alongside the ups and downs of her personal story, Cast, Catch, Release brings to life the joys of fishing, the spirited quest of the angler, and how these two paths meet on lakes and riverbanks around the world. A love letter to this exhilarating yet serene sport, Gibson shows what it means to find peace and purpose amidst the majesty of the great outdoors. 6x9 inches, 224 pgs.


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As her twenty-first birthday approached, Marina Gibson received a unique gift suggestion from her parents, who offered her a choice between fishing rods or jewelry. In an unconventional decision, she opted for fishing rods. Her intention was to rekindle a childhood passion and carry on a family tradition initiated by her mother, who had dedicated years to pursuing salmon in the rivers of the Scottish Highlands.

As fishing overtook Marina’s life and evolved into a full-time career, she became enraptured by the silent mysteries of the river and the quiet magic of angling. The complexity of fly fishing and the rituals of casting provided her refuge from a failing marriage, giving her a reliable source of comfort that benefited both her mind and soul. It also revealed the barriers that exist for women trying to make it in a tradition-bound and male-dominated world.

“An engaging, endearing, deeply felt book. A moving portrait of the end of a marriage and an absorbing account of the Atlantic salmon, one of the world’s great creatures.” —David Coggins, author of The Optimist

“A unique and very enjoyable story, filled with simple joys and more complex challenges.” —Tristan Gooley, author of How to Read a Tree

“A revealing book about life, salmon, and angling. Marina Gibson’s writing is as exquisite as her casting.”—Paul Whitehouse, author of How We Fish

“An engaging, forthright and impressive debut. This highly personal memoir will appeal to anyone who loves what fishing can bring to life... fluent and assured.” —David Profumo, author of The Lightning Thread

About the Author
Marina Gibson
, a certified Fly Fishers International Instructor and accomplished freelance writer, established The Northern Fishing School at Swinton Estate in North Yorkshire in 2019. At this school, Marina and her team impart the art of fishing to individuals of all ages and skill levels. Additionally, Marina is a cofounder of the Cancer and Pisces Trust, a charitable organization dedicated to offering free fishing centers for cancer patients and their companions. She also serves as a trustee for River Action UK, an organization focused on raising awareness about river pollution. Marina is an ambassador for both The Angling Trust and the Atlantic Salmon Trust. She lives in England.


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