A Cast Away in Montana

By Tim Schulz

A captivating story of a passionate angler’s first trip to Montana. Through Tim Schulz's humorous, insightful, and reflective storytelling, readers not only discover the thrill of pursuing elusive fish in stunning landscapes but also embark on a profoundly personal exploration of life, loss, and self-discovery. This compelling narrative resonates with fly-fishing enthusiasts and those seeking a meaningful connection to nature as it weaves together engaging tales of adventure, friendship, regional history, and reflection. Whether enjoyed by an angler, an outdoor lover, or simply a fan of beautifully crafted storytelling, A Cast Away in Montana reels in the reader and leaves a lasting impression. 25 B/W Ilus; 6x9 inches, 240 pgs.


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Editorial Reviews
What a warm, intimate, often humorous and always textured account of a first fishing trip to Montana. It's filled with the excitement a new and happy experience brings. There are fine glimpses of such great rivers as the Madison, the Beaverhead, Big Hole, and spring creeks—and Tim makes vivid the history of place and character of friends and newcomers he meets. He has a great gift for friendship, and his connections are deep and honest. The book is filled with joy, surprise, and unforgettable anecdotes. I loved it. -- Nick Lyons, author of Spring Creek, Bright Rivers, and Fire in the Straw

Smart, funny, good-natured, deeply observed, free of clichés and sentimentality—this is the most entertaining collection of fly-fishing essays I’ve read in years. The fishing scenes are exciting and fresh—not an easy accomplishment in a genre 500 years old—and the portraits of other anglers are vivid and colorful. A Cast Away in Montana uncovers an abundance of new literary ground in a place where it’s hard to find new ground. -- Jerry Dennis, author of The Living Great Lakes

The full range of Tim Schulz’s angling intelligence and artful sensibility is on display in this lively, entertaining, must-read memoir of his first, and long awaited, Montana fly fishing adventure. It is candid, observant, humorous, reflective, and knowledgeable about all the things that truly matter in life, fly fishing included. I know Tim as a superb, skilled fly fisher, and now as an equally talented writer. -- Bob DeMott, author of Angling Days and Astream: American Writers on Fly Fishing

For an angler, there is nothing more thrilling than a road trip to hallowed rivers wherever they flow. Tim Schulz’s new book, A Cast Away in Montana, captures the essence of several weeks spent fishing some of the Big Sky State’s classic waters, and his thoughtful words will take the reader on a journey that is almost as good as being there. For those who love road trips, A Cast Away in Montana is a trip well worth taking. -- Jerry Kustich, author of At the River’s Edge, A Wisp in the Willow, and Around the Next Bend

Tim Schulz’s journey of discovery leads him deep into the Missouri headwaters of Lewis and Clark, but his corps features angling companions and waters whose names we know, or wish we did, and a sense of perception and humor that is transformative, for him, for us. Accompanied by the ghosts of his past and a giddiness toward exploration of the fabled rivers of Montana, Schulz draws advice from Jerry Kustich, Todd Tanner, Kelly Galloup, and others, guides to fellow travelers. Despite the apprehension that haunts us all as we set out from the beloved to the adventure, he sweeps us up in his awe of new places and their stories. With humor well-tended by insightful analogies, Tim Schulz’s journey of discovery is a worthy companion to our own. -- Kathy Scott, author of Changing Planes, Brook Trout Forest, and Moose in the Water―Bamboo on the Bench

About the Author
Tim Schulz
lives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. His business cards say "professor of engineering," but he lives a secret life as a writer, musician, part-time fishing guide, and sluggish skater on North America’s slowest and oldest hockey team. His writings on fishing appear in Hatch Magazine and The FlyFish Journal, and he is the author of a self-published book, The Habits of Trout—And Other Unsolved Mysteries.


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