Reviews for European Nymphing

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Excellent. Aaron was very descriptive with the techniques. Appreciated how articulate he was. That's his teaching skill. Been wanting to know more about this technique. Thanks
- Julie Tallman

I've listened to a lot of your shows and there all great, but this one for it's information and knowledge is definately in my top 5. Thanks to Aaron for his time and knowledge and you Roger for having such a great show and wedb site. As always your friend Fly Fisherman Phil
- Phil Pankow

Hi Roger, I enjoyed the show and learned plenty as always. It was a nice surprise to win a prize as well. Thanks a lot.
- Tony Loader

Great show guys. ,Aarons knoledge of the subject is impressive and his passion for the sport realy shows through. Realy a fun show. Now we just have to work on getting him back for a follow up with wet flies !!
- Jeff Phelan

Great show. Lots of good info on building leaders. Can't wait until next broadcast. Thanks.
- Joe Depinto

I really enjoyed this program and found it to be quite informative. It addressed alot of the questions which I had about European nymphing and provided usable information about how to use this technique on our waters.
- Frank Herwatt

I think all your shows are great. I have listened to them by podcast for some time and always enjoy the selection of topics.
- David McKinney

Another great show, good questions with informative answers.
- Grant Dixon

It was an okay introduction to the topic for beginners, but as an advanced angler I was hoping for much more. To me, it seemed like when the show finally started to get good, you simply ran out of time. It definitely left me wanting more. Please bring Aaron back again soon! Thanks, and keep up the good work.
- James Washabaugh

I was not even aware of European nymphing methods so it was good to learn about something new, although I do not see myself employing these tactics on the narrow streams of Pennsylvania. However, I did pick up other information which particularly regarding the negativity regarding split shot use .
- David Capone

Excellent! Best show learned a lot about nymphing.
- Camilo Santana

Great show! I do a lot of high stick nymphing and this show really added a lot to my arsenal. A great instructional show for the more advance flyfisher.
- Steve Mogul


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