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One of the best shows yet.
- Silas Gray

Great show, one of your best. I still would like you to interview Brian Chan.
- walt cole

Great show guys. Really enjoyed the talk and the book. Tell Rick I will stop by the Roost when I get back in town in a few days. Can't wait to get home and back on the tiying bench.
- Rick Lesquier

This show and all the shows are great. I listen to them over and over on podcasts on my iphone. Keep up the great work! Ryan
- Ryan Spanel

The show was great as always. I use a lot of midge patterns and scuds myself in Southeast Minnesota and they're very productive.
- Phil Pankow

The show was very informative and I enjoyed it as I always do. I'm glad they mentioned the type of tippet materials to use and the size and weight of tippet ie.4x,5x. Great show tonight,Please keep up the good work.
- Garnet Dunn

What a great show!!! first time listener super informitive. I really like how you expanded on the questions that were sent in to get the most info out of your guest and wow what an intelligent man. From the beginner to the advanced fly fisherman I think everybody took something home out of that one! Great job!
- Greg Lukacs

Really enjoyed his views !! Good info and not too complex with his opinions.
- Joepaul Meyers

Good show. It was like a good conversation in the corner of a Fly Shop.
- Ray O'Mara

I did listen and it gave me some good insight to fly fishing. As I tie on droppers I always wonder if I should be tying the dropper to the other fly's eyelet or the curve. Other's always say whichever you like. I enjoy your shows whenever I have the chance to listen. Do you have to be listening to win? I keep hoping that some night my name will be called out. But I can't catch all shows.
- Jim Overstreet

I enjoyed the give and take conversation and thought both you and Rick did a great job of talking about midges and go-to flies. Thanks for a great show. I am now "hooked" on your show.
- Terry Little

Great show!!
- Bob Zagar

Rick did a great job as always.
- Ed Le

Rick Takahashi's program as well as Pat Dorsey's Previous program were were great programs and very informative. Both of these guys have written great books are Great flyfishers and very humble.. P.S. I am a guide for ArkAnglers on the Arkansas river.
- Dan Stockton

Enjoy your program very much & listen to it when ever possible. I fish mostly still-waters around Kamloops,B.C. We have very heavy hatches of chironomids, on most of them. Some of these lakes will have larval up to 1 1/8 inches in length and the pupae will range from under 1/8 inch to over 1 inch. So you can see that we use much larger fly patterns than your guest spoke of, ours ranging from #16 up to #8-XL. Thanks again for a great program.
- Carlos Tallent

Excellent show as always. Looking forward to seeing and using Rick's book.
- Ralph Rhoades

I thought it was very informative and I ordered the book right after the show.
- Roy Griffith

Well done. enjoyed the show and thought it enjoyable.......
- Don McNamee

Good show!
- Ken Screedh

Loved the show. Rick had a ton of information for us to assimilate, and to use when fishing lakes and streams. I'm going to check out his book, it sounds good.
- Phil Peck

Great show! I'm tying up some "Black Beauties" as we speak.
- Camilo Santana

I am a longtime friend of Ricks and it was good to hear him on last week - very informative and entertaining.
- Ethan Emery

Another excellent show. The only problems that I have are finding the time to listen and, occasionally, understanding what's being discussed since I am new to the sport. By the way, thanks for answering my very basic [what's a midge?] question; I was afraid that it might be too basic.
- Jack Crais


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