Reviews for Hackle - Facts About Feathers

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A great program! Tom Whiting is a wealth of knowledge and a great speaker. I feel this is one of the best programs I have listened to. Thanks for having Tom as a guest.
- Pat Oglesby

Very nice show as always, I enjoy listening each month!
- Patty Gnuse

I thought the show was great and informative. I learned more about hackle then I think I'll ever remember. It was truley a history lesson.
- Phil Pankow

Another awesome quess,,learned a lot great kudos to Thomas and yourself.
- Brian Wagner

The show was quite enlightening and pleasant to listen to. Tom educated me on the basics of hackle, history of the industry. I enjoy the format and will be tuning in for more shows, definitely.
- Robin Rhyne

Great show to listen to while I was tying flies. Very entertaining.
- Stuart Shafran

Very good show. good info about a great product. nice to know that the lower grade whiting products perform just as well at the gold. as a new tier and so many products to pick from i feel right about spending the money for a top quality product like Whiting. thanks for the great show.
- Rick Wiksten

Great show. Really useful to hear about the differences in the different parts and gradings - Now I really know what to look for concerning hackle. Feathers must have been improved over the last 20 years.
- Mattias Seger

WOW! I'll never look at a hackle feather in the same way again. Tom Whiting's program was fantastic! The only thing that would have made it better would have been pictures of some of the various hackle that he described.
- Pudge Kleinkauf

It's a very unique radio show!! A unique aspect of fly-fishing too!! Whiting feathers are finest for me, as Dr Whiting says, most of the time Bronze Grade works really fine. Keep up a nice show!
- Satoshi Yamamoto

Great show! I was really fascinated by the genetics and how far feather breeding has come. I am also more appreciative of higher grade capes and saddles and will be looking forward to my next trip to the fly shop. Feather fur should be great for some of our warm water patterns and add a kick to my bass poppers. Thanks for all the info and another great show.
- Martin Kollman


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