Tying Bugs: the Complete Guide to Poppers, Sliders and Divers for Fresh and Salt Water

By Kirk Dietrich

The most complete fly tying book on poppers, divers, sliders (collectively called “bugs”) ever written. All facets of bug making are covered, from shaping the heads on cork, foam, and balsa, to tying articulated patterns, to creating weedguards. 500 color photos; 8.5 x 11 inches, 224 pgs.


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ISBN: 0-8117-3828-0

EAN: 978-0-8117-3828-6

Binding: Softcover

Publish Date: 01/12/2019

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Bugs are back. Bugs—a generic name for poppers traditionally fished for bass species—encompass a range of diverse surface patterns that are not only effective for smallmouth and largemouth bass but also a host of saltwater species including redfish, sea trout, stripers, and dorado. More and more anglers now fish for smallmouth and largemouth bass around the US, and new materials have come on the scene that make tying these flies exciting (and productive) again.

Includes over 400 detailed step by steps for traditional patterns such as Lefty’s Bug and the Sneaky Pete, as well as new and innovative patterns tied with the latest materials. Also included is an extensive section on DIY painting and coloring techniques.

Kirk Dietrich
is an Orvis contract tier and owner/operator of Flies by Kirk, a part-time commercial tying business. He spends his fishing time on local brackish/saltwater marshes and urban locations such as New Orleans City Park, Bayou St. John, Lake Pontchartrain, and local storm water drainage canals.

His articles have appeared in Fly Tyer, Eastern Flyfishing, and Flyfishing & Tying Journal. He is a member of FFI, NOFF, Pro Staff with Cascade Crest Tools, Deer Creek UK, and Imagination International Copic Markers. He has been a participating and featured tier at shows throughout the south and has conducted classes at various FFI conclaves and affiliated mini-conclaves held by clubs across the south.

His flies have appeared in numerous books including Bug Making: A Thorough Guide to Making and Tying Floating Bugs for All Gamefish—Bluegill to Billfish, Secrets of the Saltwater Fly, and Designing Poppers, Sliders & Divers. He lives in Kenner, LA.

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