River Atlas Series: the Madison River Atlas, Lower Section

Goodbye bridge; hello backcountry. Using quality map grids, photos to scale, notes, topographic lines, river miles, & USGS topographic map scale, these maps help you find paradise. 60 miles of river.


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ISBN: 0-GSM-15


Binding: Softcover

Publish Date: 31/03/2009

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56 detailed map pages. 60 miles of coverage. Begins at Varney and ends at Three Forks. Aerial Photography is NAIP 2005. The USGS topographic map pages have a scale of 1:24,000. The photopages have a scale of 1:15,000

There are probably people who truly enjoy fishing next to a bridge, but at Greenstone Mapping, we're guessing most of them just don't know any better. It's estimated that 80 percent of all flies are thrown within one mile of a bridge-but that's just not our style. We like smash-face brush busting, sucking bugs and near-misses with fish-minded carnivores. We prefer this because we know that beyond the willows and alders, past the pile of bear *!#% and the cloud of man-eating mosquitoes-are quiet, lonely rivers and fish that rarely see a fly. Virgin waters, my friends.

These spots don't come easy. Scouting, research, and reading the terrain are the best ways to find your paradise, and The River Atlas Series is the first set of maps that make that possible. Detailed aerial photography coupled with three-dimensional terrain analyses of contour lines allow you to truly read a landscape, and choose the most likely spot to get exactly the experience you are looking for.

Goodbye bridge; hello backcountry.


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