Reviews for Specialty Casts - Getting Your Fly to the Fish

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Show was great as usual. As a flyfisherman you can never learn enough about fly casting. The one thing I did not hear much about was how to deal with the wind in which comes up in every style of fly fishing.
- Daniel Gonsalves

Another great show and thank you for the great content. I have been listening to all of the early episodes on iTunes.
- Brian Furderer

Great show....lots and lots of valuable information. I appreciate the wide array of coverage of fishing techniques, strategies, and flies.
- Hassen

Great, Landon is a very knowledgeable sight fisherman. You answered a question of mine so I did not want to be greedy and ask a more important one. I wanted to ask him does he dress when fishing to blend into the background? I seen a lot of magazines with a lot of anglers especially on the flats where clothing that would blend them into their background.
- Daniel Gonsalves

I had some other things came up, which meant that I missed the first 40 minutes of the show. The part I did hear was informative and I picked up a few pieces of new information. I'll listen to the first part of the show on MP3 when it becomes available.
- Kurt Hoskovec


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