Reviews for Fly Fishing for White Bass

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Well done, Roger. I had my doubts about the topic but, like nearly all your other shows, you and the guest had a great exchange from which I learned something. Mr. Butts certainly knows his stuff and you have a real interest in the topic. That comes through in the show.
- Dan Crothers

Great show. Living in IA we have some good water in both rivers and lakes that hold white bass and although I do fly fish for them there was a wealth of new information from Bill's interview. And I intend to listen to the recording again.
- David Rosset

Love this podcast series.
- Paul Watkins

I enjoyed it, as I have the other archives I have downloaded.
- Joe Fyffe

Good need some fishing for perch in ca or steelhead.
- Larry Sederberg

Great Program. Have Bill on again!!!
- Kenneth Meyers

Bill Butts was good but the audio was rough and I didn't understand a lot of it.
- Silas Gray

It was a good show, as all of the shows to date have been. Very informative.
- Scott Hamilton

I enjoyed the show. I digested a tremendous amount of information. I have replayed the program more than once. Every time I replay the program the more I learn about white bass.
- Jim Schill

Great show as always guys....I am so happy to be able to listen..THANK YOU...
- Tony Cooke

Loved the show, couldn't listen live, listened on archive, which is a great idea. hope you keep doing the shows.
- Bob Garman

I did enjoy the show. I'm sorry that I did not hear it live, but have listened to it a couple of times and am anxious to fish for the Whit Bass in MO, OK and AR next year.
- Horace Crawford

Great show .. keep them coming !
- James Page

- Ricky Fleming


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