Reviews for Big Redfish in the Louisiana Bayous

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I love the show I listen to every one of them even if it is something I will never fish for. I will continue to listen to each one that comes out. Thanks
- Lawrence Bratcher

GREAT show, I loved the information so much that I have contacted Alec at his store to arrange a Guided trip when I am there over Christmas. Thanks for the Great show.
- Rick Passek

Great show and very informative as usual even if I have not fished for redfish or will probably be down in Louisiana any time soon. I always listen for all the good info given even if it doesn't apply to the fishing I do. The shows keep me interested!
- Brian Larrington

I did enjoy this show and everyone I have listened to. I am now on my way to meet Alec if he is in the fly shop and we are seeing if we can get a guide to try these fish. I am now in the middle of a huge storm system so we may miss the fishing this trip. I might be interested in sponsoring a show like Pudge did, can you send me the details? Thanks for a great program with a diversified listening base.
- Lee Robbins

Roger: I thought the show was great. It was very informative and I really enjoyed the time spent listening. One of the area's I'd like to have discussed more is spotting or finding fish. I fish 4 to 5 days a week, redfish mostly, snook, and spec's. But learning how to identify habitats and understanding how to find fish better is something I think all anglers are constantly wanting to improve upon. I sight fish quite a bit, but those days the tails aren't up can be quite long. Again many thanks for the show and I look forward to your next show.
- Scott Callahan

I thought the show was informative and fun.
- Richard Allen Rupp

Alex provided my first-ever lesson in beginning casting at a New Orleans Fly Fishers event. He's a good, patient instructor and an all-round nice guy. I enjoyed the program because I got to hear a whole lot about his favorite Louisiana fishing pursuit. When he's at club functions everyone is trying to get his attention so singling him out on the radio was a good way to hear him.
- Jack Crais


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