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Excellent show. Would like more like this.
- Dave Vingom

This is the second show I had the chance to listen to, and it was excellent and very informative. I am just learning to become a flyfisherman I can wait to put some of the tips and techniques to use that I heard about.
- Thomas Marks

Yet another great show. I didn't realize how exciting the estaury systems could be! Ken is a wonderful teacher and fisherman, with a great sense of humor. Although I am not a salt-water guy, I will try it out one day. Keep up the great work. This show continues to be the best, most thorough one on-line. Or anywhere else, for that matter.
- Mark Mathews

I thought the show was great. Ken's a very funny guy and you can tell he really enjoys what he does. His comments were very helpful as the beggining of March my wife and I are going to Florida to visit friends and I'm going to try my luck at fishing the beach. Thanks again for a great show guys and thanks to Ken.
- Phil Pankow

Guys, Thanks for another great show. Ken Hanley has probably forgotten more about fly fishing than most of us will ever know. If you ever get the opportunity to see Ken in person you are in for a real treat! Not nearly enough time to cover such a huge subject. Maybe next time you can have Ken just concentrate on Stripers or Roosters! Very informative show. Thanks
- Ross Dibble

Great show! I live in Oklahoma and fish from the bank for stripers, hybrids, bass & big catfish. I am interested in all phases of distance casting and fishing. This show was informative and entertaining. Keep them coming.
- Ron Toews

I enjoyed the show,I thought Ken did a great job. He makes you want to go to California and try some inshore fishing.I think you have a great show I really enjoy listening to your programs.
- John Svetina

For the out of state guys it was probably okay. For me as a local it was to general. Almost all of the info we already know. It would have been nice to hear more specific questions posed by the CA guys. All of Ken's secrets are still safe.
- Marty Feducia

It was a great show. I realy enjoyed all of the show - very informative.
- Bill Schievink

Hanley , is the only writer that commes to mind that has embraced the hydro dynamics of on shore/surf fishing .Having been raised in Newport Beach Ca . a young boy soon learns the fickle ways of the surf zone. Mr.Hanley is spot on, in his teachings .
- Gregg de Long

I didn't here all the broadcast but Ken sure knows so much about California's fishing. Very enjoyable. Can use some of it along the coast later. Great broadcast. Frank.
- Frank Compton

I own the Fly Shop of the Bighorns in Sheridan, WY and I enjoy listening to the show. Your show has alot of useful information about all types of fishing and fishing skills that are needed everywhere people fish. Part of the fun of fishing is that it is a common language that crosses all boarders and forms a common bond between all types of peole. I find it interesting that people around the world who fish have varing skills that are developed for each local area around the USA and world. Local knowledge and skills are extremely helpful to all fisherman who travel and want to have great fishing trips. Your show helps people get in contact with local fisherman that can help travelers make the best out of their fishing trips each year all across this great planet. I help everyone that stops in my store with valuable local information about the Bighorn Mountain area, but your broader voice is a great improvement to fishing everywhere. Any one who fishes alot knows the value of local knowledge. Learning more about other fishing areas will only help every one have better fishing experiences. This show helps get important information about fishing tactics, practices, and ethics out to fisherman everywhere. In turn, this show helps fishing be more enjoyable for everyone everywhere. I would like to see a show on Fisherman Ethics and how to handle the angry local when he spots your out of state vehicle tags. Many people have run into a small town local person who is lovingly referred to at the local loco who complains there are too many people using "their water". We all know public water is everyones water and everyone should take time to use it every now and then. A show on how to tactfully handle people like this would be good for all. Thanks to this show for being a national voice for all fisherman to learn from. Roger Miller, Fly Shop of the Bighorns, Sheridan, WY
- Roger Miller

Great show. I live in Oklahoma so all of my Striper fishing involves Shooting Tapers. I picked up a lot of tips. Keep this type of show coming.
- Ron Toews

Ken touched on so many important aspects of West Coast saltwater fly fishing in 1.5 hrs.
- Mark

That was a great show! I listened to the replay while tying some surf fly patterns on the vise & was quite tickled by Ken's discussion on the subject matter. Being an avid fly angler who frequents the sandy shores of Northern California, Ken clearly touched on a variety of subtle, yet important, aspects of West Coast saltwater fly fishing that are key to being successful at the sport. Although most of the subject matter was very familiar to me, I still wanted to hear so much more. The allotted 1.5 hrs seemed too short for Ken to adequately cover the topic in sufficient detail - perhaps a follow-up show will be in order? Excellent job, guys!
- Mark Won

Great show on fishing the inshore. Not only did I find the info Ken Hanley passed on really helpful, I really liked the radio/internet format. I kept a notebook program open and typed notes as I listened. If I missed something all I had to do was go back and re-listen.I wish I could have gone through school with such a convenience. I would like to add, Ken is not only an alert and astute fisherman, he is a great entertainer. Nobody draws folks around a fly tying table or an on-the-water clinic like he does. Bring him back for more please. Anne Vitale President, Golden West Women Flyfishers
- Anne Vitale

Another great show guys.....just too short! Another speaker that could carry the audience for hours.
- Kent Nasser

Just re-listened to the show since I was interrupted by visitors the first time. It was great, and very informative. I know Ken and have taken his surf zone class in California, and the info he covered is very pertinent to the subject he covered. He came across as very personable with a lot of expertise, which is true. If you take the class, be ready to listen closely, and to jog up and down the beach for about 4 hours while the conditions are right for fishing and learning. Good job with the broadcast.
- Craig Whittekiend

I really liked the show a lot. Ken Hanley sounded very interesting and knowledgeable. I also, really like the sense of humor he had to add. I'm a freshwater angler with the saltwater on the bottom of my list of things to do. Hearing this interview defiantly moved the saltwater up closer to the top of things to do. To the hosts Roger and Don, you guys are doing a great job. It seems that each interview gets better and better. You two have really set the bar high. Keep up the good work and I'll keep spreading the news.
- Timothy Schilling

Great show! Ken was lively, entertaining, and absolutely full of information. I'm not a salt water guy, but listening to him made me want to be!
- Rick Pasley

Very informative and relevant to Southern California. Enjoyed it very much.
- John Okulick

Great Show!!!I will be fishing salt water for the first time in April, and I now have a clue of what to expect. Thank You.
- Rod Brashears

Good show but would have liked to hear more specific places for specific species. Especially beach fishing.
- Reed Dils

Hi, I have eventually found time to listen to your broadcast. I am fairly new to Fly Fishing, but have gleaned enough knowledge to at least understand the content of your informative programme. I live in the county of Kent, just south of London in the UK. I have fly fished for Bass off the Dorset coast. I found the content very interesting particularly; The issues surrounding tackle care and use in the salt water environment was refeshingly simple, rod and line selection, comment on the use of single and double handed and spey rods and where they would be useful. The comments on the built and natural environment; structures, food sources, awareness of the habitat and preditor reactions, natural or constructed. The comments around fly choice and "Wooly Buggers" caught my attention. The one thing which did surprise me was the lack of advertising (by American standards), which was refreshing.
- Andrew Haycock

It is a fun show. Lot's of information on the insore salt water of the Pacific. I would like the same information on the Atlantic. I fish the coastal areas and estuaries of South Carolina. This type of speaker would hold my estreem interest. I appreciate your show and I am glad my good friend Joe Sloboda won the book prize of the week. Maybe Joe will let me read his copy. Thanks, Tom Zmina
- Tom Zmina


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