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Great Show!!! Denny's information was very concise, informative, and relevant! I will go back to the archives and listen to it again.
- Phil Peck

Perhaps the best show I've listened to. Denny explained his approach to stillwaters very detailed and clearly.
- Kemper Eagle

Great show! Denny Rickards is the authority on still water fishing! I,ve attended his workshop, read his books and seen his dvds and videos, and still learned things when listening to your interviews with him. Thank you for the show.
- Jerome Buckmelter

Denny is my hero. I have 3 of his very good books and have been plying his advice at every opportunity. His system works! The show last night filled in some gaps in the book---that made it for me. He should be applauded for sharing.
- Kelly Kellogg

Wow, what a great episode, Denny presented a wealth of information that should help me with my stillwater fly fishing. This was the best presentation since Brian Chan was on.
- Larry McNerney

I think it was a very good interiew. I learned some new things to add to my limited knowledge. I wish there was some visuales, but guess on a radio show that would be kinda hard. Thank you.
- Robert Lamb

Denny Rickards is always worth listening to, and this interview was no exception. Nice job and well done to AAFF. If there are plenty of unanswered questions left over, have you considered to organise a part 2 interview?
- Norm

Denny Rickards is the person for stillwater fishing! He has a wealth of knowledge and shares that information. He is a credit to the sport of fly fishing. I enjoyed the presentation very much.
- Jerry Hopewell

Denny knows stillwater fishing like few others do! I seem to always pick up on something I haven't heard before. I picked up on the name of his favorite med. sink during the show, knowing he fishes it most of the time...Other great info. as well! Dennis

Had to listen at a later time. Great Show! Denny really knows his stuff on fishing! good comments on the type of line he really likes and the fish cat boat and the fishing buddy fish finder. I need a new one and that is where I will start looking.
- tom mann

I really enjoyed Denny's approach to stillwater fishing. He has strong opinions and after thinking over some of his ideas like leaving the deep water fishing to others I would agree. I have waisted a lot of tlime finding deep water fish only to find they were not biting. You have a great show. Keep up the good work.

I thought it was very informative. I enjoyed it alot.
- Steven Jorstad

Denny is my hero. His responses filled in some of the areas in the book. I have the book and am almost finished reading it for a second time.I have plied his knowledge and it works. It is great that he shares his knowledge. I enjoyed the program very much as did my fishing partner.
- Melvin "Kelly" Kellogg

For advise solicited by Ask About Fly Fishing of a fly tying and fishing curmudgeon: Denny Rickards knows more about real and practical fly fishing on lakes than any other North American fly fisher who has ever mastered the craft. He may not fish the Kamloops, I don’t know, but he does fish Oregon, and the Pacific Coast and the rest of the West. I fish the Wyoming Wind River Mountain lakes. Denny Rickards taught me more in 30 minutes, in a brief conversation in the Spring of 2010, about my favorite habitat, the Winds’ mountain lakes, than over ten years of subscriptions to the current Oregon fishing mag, featuring the current B. C. Lake Fishing Fashionables, Chen and Morris and the other guy. Denny's books and his verbal ideas are worth every dime, brief, to the point and without the BS of the commercial fly fishing rag trade tag alongs. For knowledge from a 72 year old tier and fly fisher? I suggest: think Rickards for Stillwater; for moving water, think Schollmeyer; for Caddis, think Carl Richards (now regrettably passed on) and Braendle; and, for tying technique and design, think A. K. Best, John Barr, and Kelly Galloup (big fish and no nonsense). If fishing the Upper Midwest, I recommend a self published author, Ross A. Mueller. Save your hard earned money for traveling there and hire a knowledgable local guide for a half day, and if you love her, take your wife or darling along. And avoid contributions to the aristocrats who run and use TU to our detriment. Save your money for the local guides and let them take care of saving trout. The aristocrats have another agenda.
- Walwyn M. Trezise

Terrific show!! That's two in a row. Keep it going!!!
- Phil Peck

Another excellent show. Lots of new, insightful information.
- Frederic Thorner

Great show, I learned alot. Mr. Rickards gave alot a good advice and usefull information
- Randy Kratochvil

For anyone who fishes ponds and lakes for trout this is a great volume to listen to. I have recommended your show to all our members on our web site education page
- Scott Hood

Your show with Denny Rickards on stillwater presentations was terrific! I'm very new to the sport, having caught my first fish on a fly just this past summer. Unfortunately, most of my fishing is limited to a small local lake that is seasonally stocked and I've had a difficult time trying to figure out how to read the water and present the right fly to the fish. I'm excited to take some of the information I learned from this show and give it another go this weekend. I would also like to commend you on your choice of guests. I met Denny Rickards at the Sacramento SportsExpo last month. He is a real gentleman, a patient educator to us that are new to the sport and a wealth of information. I really appreciated the time he took to talk with me about some of the questions I had there at the expo. Thanks for putting on such a great program. I've been going back through all your old podcasts and there isn't one that I haven't learned from.
- Lane Mortensen

I know Denny Rickards. He has answered many of my questions over the years. I do not always agree with him (I use a floating line with a great deal of success most of the time I fish), but as he says, his system is not the only one out there, and we never stop learning. I learn something new each time I listen to him. Bring him back for another show. Whether it is Denny, or Gary B., or others like them, these are the fellows I look forward to listen to on internet radio - fellows that teach something about technique, fish or bug behavior and so forth, more so than those who talk about where to go and what to do when they get there - mostly because I will never be able to go to their favorite spots, and I think people ought to discover destinations on their own anyway. I do enjoy the program. Dave B
- Dave Baumgartner your billing Name

Well moderated and even for an amateur and novice, I found it very interesting. A lot was way over my head, but still interesting. Looking forward to the next show.
- Will Bullas

One of the best discussions I have heard on your show.
- Bill Adkison

Wow this was so informative and tremedously useful. Answers were precise and helpful with claer understanding. I can't wait to get on thr water give all this information a try Thanks guys great show!
- paul vanwely

This and most of the other shows are great! - The format leaves opportunity for exploring comments made by the speaker, to uncover some unique insights and observations.
- Richard Stoops

Denny Rickards was great. I didn't listen to the show live but I did the next morning(had to work). He is second in my list of favorite shows I have heard from this Radio Show my first pick is Gary Borger what a show that was. I learned a lot from both shows. also my favorite off topic show was Thomas Whiting and poultry science topic that I just found fascinating. From what I know Gary an Denny just filled in the gaps and it was like painting me a picture of what the topics where about. Roger you do a fine job with the show and you bring in the best in the industry to do these shows. I am wishing some day that you can get Joan Wulff to do a show. I have been reading articles of her life accomplishments.
- Daniel Gonsalves

Excellent program. I've purchased both of Deny's books an videos. The content is well illustrated an very informative.
- Tom Robbins

Great show, as always. So impressed that I bought some flies (and his book) from his site. Keep up the excellent work - I'm a regular pod listener.
- paul watkins

Wow !!! I knew Denny was knowledgeable because I've seen some of his video's but I never expected this much information. Absolutely amazing. You know Roger, many of us fish our brains out and catch almost nothing. The pro's demystify the sport and give us hope. Denny was brilliant. Thanks for having him on.
- Phil Burden

Great show. It was packed with awesome information about stillwater. I appreciated it so much because there is plenty of information when you fifhing trout in river but not so much for stillwater. Kudos Mr.Rickards!
- Simon

Denny Rickards Stillwater Presentations

Excellent! I have three pages of notes and at least 20 things to test to improve my fishing when the season comes. It is fun to listen to someone who is passionate about what he does and is a continuous learner (and is willing to share).
- Paul Miles


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