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Barry Reynolds was Great. I have not fished for Pike since I lived in Michigan and Canada, in the early 50s. While telling about the leaders my computer went off line. I missed a little but not much. I am on a dial up and only run at 31.6 tonight, it all it went well Great Show I will be looking for my notice for the next one. Thanks.
- Allen Crise

I thought it was very good... very informative, and interesting. I hope it continues. I will probably listen to it more with the Podcast format than live. But I thought it was a cool way to communicate information.
- Loren Rochester

I think you guys are providing a great service, and the two episodes I've listened to are much more insightful than typical fly fishing shows on TV. Most of them just repeatedly show guests reeling in fish, with no advice or technique talk. Your radio show is much more beneficial to people who want to be exposed to new ideas. Thanks,
- Randy Olson

I like the content. I feel there was good information passed along. I plan to listen again and again to pick up any missed points. I listened to the previous presentation on fly fishing spring creeks many times to get all I could out of it. Keep up the good work, Thanks.
- Tom Zmina

Very Informative; Great shows!
- Rick Baker

Although I do not fish for pike on a fly I still found Barry Reynolds to be very informative and professional. This site gives me an opportunity to hear the top of the field experts and you can't help but learn something. Keep up the good work.
- Richard DeMott

Great, keep the broadcasts coming.
- Bob Loucks

Good show. Good questions. I've fished Pike all of my life and there were a couple of surprises and several confirmations.
- FJ Phelps


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