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Dry Fly Strategies with Paul Weamer

great show. very informative
- Brad Holm

Great Show!

Great show Roger! Very impressive and a great place for amateurs - pros to gather and get good info & ideas and share their enthusiasm for their passion. I came in a bit late and missed your question to Paul regarding what he recommends for floatant. I did, however, catch it at the end when you were giving away his book so now all I need to do is go to an actual fly shop and find one of those products. I'd love to hear your recommendation for that. Thanks buddy! Danny
- Danny Bowermaster


For some reason it seems dry fly fishing is over looked today. This was a great and very informative podcast
- James Bissell


Great show as usual! I have Paul's "The Bug Book" and am looking forward to reading the new "Dry Fly Strategies".
- Robert O'Donnell

Dry Fly Strategies

Excellent broadcast. Very informative and interesting. Paul has a real passion for the sport and is very knowledgeable about all aspects of Fly Fishing.
- John Little

Dry Fly Strategies

Paul was great!! He was informative and funny. Lots of good information. Thanks for having him
- Jim Serio

Paul Weamer

I wish you had talked more on his new book, Paul Weamer is an excellent dry fly fisherman. There was to much time spent answering stupid beginner type questions. "what type of tipped do you use - how long is your leader etc… I thought the interview was very basic. I was a bit disappointed as I had been looking forward to it.
- James Murray


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