Reviews for Saltwater Fly Design Techniques

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Great show. Great guy.
- robert mahoney

Very informative and interesting!
- Robert Jaspers

Roger, this pocast as well the one with Charlie Craven were excellent.
- Edward Hovsepian

I liked how material was covered.
- Bob Gillespie

I enjoyed Bob's stories and how he learned to develop flies. Another good program.
- Anonymous

Great show with Bob Popovics! I've watched Bob tie a fly shows and have always been impressed with his salty creations. I'm looking forward to learning from his book to up my saltwater game in New England.
- Dean Wormell

I really enjoyed Bobby's presentation. But I think a lot of people might not of understood a few items when he was talking about how a few of the flies are designed. I know one for sure was the way he forms the triangluar heads on some of the flies. I've seen him do it in person at the Renzetti Fly Fishing Fair and understood the tying technique he described. A great fly designer and tyer.
- Jay Murakoshi

Best podcast you've ever done. I'm a saltwater guy from the northeast so this is one that I can relate to. I have both his books and the flies that I've learned to tie from them have given me many hours of enjoyment on the water . I love hearing about giant tarpon in the keys and GTs on Christmas island too but I'm not going there unless I win the lotto or start a life of crime so ... anyway well done. Please more podcasts on saltwater in the northeast. There was information in the podcast that I can actually use!
- Jason Bishop


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