Wood-tikchik: Alaska's Largest State Park

By Robert Glenn Ketchum

Magnificent photos reveal an unparalleled wilderness comprising one of the most biologically productive watersheds in the world. Essay by Bill Sherwonit. 60-4 color images; 13x12 inches, 96 pgs.


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ISBN: 1-931788-11-1

EAN: 978-1-931788-11-3

Binding: Hardcover

Publish Date: 15/03/2003

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Magnificent photographs of Alaska’s vast Wood-Tikchik state park reveal an unparalleled wilderness comprising one of the most biologically productive watersheds in the world.

With Wood-Tikchik, Robert Glenn Ketchum continues his exploration of Alaska, now focusing on one of the most significant watersheds in the world. The Wood-Tikchik State Park, a wilderness area larger than the state of Washington, is home to moose, grizzly bears, eagles, salmon, and one of the largest species of rainbow trout in the world. Accessible only by boat, plane, or on foot, these wild lands are nevertheless vulnerable to commercial exploitation. Ketchum’s stunning images immerse viewers in the extraordinary detail, color, and scale that define this relatively unknown world of tundra and boreal forests, offering readers the unique experience of understanding the need to preserve this special ecosystem for the future.

In his accompanying essay, Bill Sherwonit provides an excellent account of the historical use of the park and makes a compelling case for protecting one of North America’s most important watersheds from fragmentation and over development.

"For several decades, Ketchum has followed the trail of Ansel Adams and Eliot Porter, focusing on threatened areas of our planet . . . The extraordinary details—the flow of colors, the depth, the multitude of textures—awaken the viewer to the fragile foundations of the grandest landscape: the mind.” —Bonnie Barret Stretch, Artnews

Robert Glenn Ketchum
was named one of the one hundred champions of conservation who shaped the environmental movement of the twentieth century by Audubon. American Photo listed him as one of the most important people in photography.

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