Why Fly Fishing: with Joan Wulff, Flip Pallot, Nick Lyons, John Gierach,keith Fulsher, Diana Rudolph, Revel Brothers, James Prosek

By A Film by Jeffrey Pill & Miracle Productions

Created to promote and share the grace of a sport. As a sport, fly fishing has a rich history with many of its own icons. There are some who do not understand that the passion for fly fishing easily equals or surpasses even the most fanatical "team sport". Fly fishing is an individual event with a level playing field which welcomes all comers. Everyone enters as a beginner, there are no age limits and progress is measured by self satisfaction. DVD; 31-min.


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Publish Date: 01/02/2008

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In 1968, a small and devoted group of people came together to make real the idea that the history and artifacts of fly fishing deserve a permanent home. From modest beginnings, and through the dedication and hard work of volunteers, friends and employees, the American Museum of Fly Fishing has grown to become an amazing place: a repository for the artifacts and anecdotes of a magical sport and pastime.

By preserving the rich heritage of fly fishing, the Museum seeks to promote an understanding and appreciation of the sport's history, traditions and practitioners–past and present–and to share this understanding and appreciation not only with the many who love the sport, but also with the widest possible audience.

The Museum celebrates angling in all of its dimensions—sport, history, ethics, philosophy, biology, art, craft and literature. If you love fly fishing or want to learn about it's rich past, present and future, consider becoming a member of the Museum. Since the Museum is a 501-c-3 charitable organization, a portion of the purchase price of the DVD is tax-deductible."

"This is a DVD every dedicated fly fisher should have. Not only does it make us fly fishers feel good about what we love, but, for the first time, we have a beautiful film which explains to our non-fly fishing friends and family why we are so dedicated to the sport. It shows, as words alone never could, why we as "low-level fanatics" (John Gierach's words) behave the way we do.

By exploring the many facets of the sport–the athletic, the intellectual, the scientific and the artistic–the film shows the deep satisfaction and fun anglers experience. All this is seen through the eyes of some of fly fishing's foremost practioners—Joan Wulff, Nick Lyons, James Prosek, Flip Pallot, John Gierach, the Revel brothers, Keith Fulsher and Diana Rudolph. This film is a great way to introduce the sport to others whom we would like to become interested, and it also helps us to truly understand why we love it so much."

—Gardner Grant, Trustee of the American Museum of Fly Fishing

There's something almost voyeuristic, indeed sensual, about the act of fly fishing. People who have never touched a fly rod, or any other kind of rod, will stop to watch an accomplished fly caster swoosh sinuous loops of line between sky and water. Now, with the DVD release of Why Fly Fishing, you can peer straight into the eyes of fly fishing luminaries who espouse the fundamental, the philosophical and the spiritual, and begin to grasp what's so all-fired transfixing about such a seductive sport.
—Don Roberts, Founding editor of Flyfishing The West

The film evokes the beauty of the environment in which fishing takes place. I love the way you got Joan, John, Nick, Flip and everyone else to express their love of fly fishing and see many of them actually doing it. You couldn't have chosen better folks. My daughter said it's the best fishing DVD she's ever seen, and she doesn't praise often.
—Dave Hughes, Author and Editor of Flyfishing & Tying Journal

The film went by too quickly . . . an excellent piece of work.
—Jerry Kustich, Author and Partner in Sweetgrass Bamboo Fly Rods

Why Fly Fishing beautifully illuminates numerous wide-ranging aspects that make fly fishing a lifestyle choice for so many of us—the science, the craft, the art, the poetry, the spiritual, the losing of one's self, the finding of one's self. Thank you for a wonderful film.
—Frank Bryant, Chota Outdoor Gear

Great visuals, intelligent commentary, wonderful music. And things move right along smartly.
—Larry Kenney, Writer and Fly Fishing Video & Gear Reviewer

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