Western Mayfly Hatches: from the Rockies to the Pacific

Shares all that you need to know about the insect, & the fly patterns & techniques to match them, including: matching hatches, collecting & observing mayflies, recognizing species & stages, fly-tying techniques, presentations, & so much more. Full-color, 300 photos, 75 illus; 8.5x11 inches, 268 pgs.


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ISBN: 1-57188-305-3

EAN: 978-1-57188-305-6

Binding: Hardcover

Publish Date: 30/04/2004

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With their usual meticulous attention to detail, noted entomologist Rick Hafele & author Dave Hughes turn their attention to the widespread mayfly, one of the most important insects to fly-fisherman. Western Mayfly Hatches introduces the mayflies important in the western states and provinces, shows how to recognize them, helps in the selection of fly patterns to match them, and provides the best presentation methods. Also included is: matching hatches, collecting and observing mayflies, recognizing species and stages, fly-tying techniques, and more. For each species there's a detailed illustration labeled with the characteristics of each life stage, and individual charts of emergence times and hatch importance provide even more information. With 300 color photos, 75 illustrations, hundreds of fly patterns, and up-to-the minute text, you'll be amazed at how much information is found within the pages of this book. Western Mayflies leaves no stone unturned.

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