Warriors: a Novel

By William B. McCloskey Jr.

Following the final, crushing moments of World War II, Japanese officer Kiyoshi Tsurifune, Sergeant Jones Henry, & Resistance fighter Swede Scorden struggle to regain normalcy & any contact with the shimmering, fish-filled sea. 6x9 inches, 400 pgs.


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ISBN: 1-62636-107-X

EAN: 978-1-62636-107-2

Binding: Hardcover

Publish Date: 26/12/2013

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Lost honor, fallen friends, their cultural identities gone in the wake of a nuclear blast—three fishermen-turned-soldiers have a long way to go till they regain the waters in which they feel most at home.

But as each finds his way to the bays of Alaska—Jones as fisherman, Swede eager for work in the cannery, Kiyoshi an ambassador for the Japanese trade—things aren’t as smooth as they had dreamed. A new union calls for a strike during the height of the salmon season, and expensive new engine boats are replacing the sails and oars fishermen like Jones Henry have relied on for years. Plus, unhealed wounds make the looming deal between Alaskan fishermen and Japanese buyers painful for many. Behind every conversation, the question looms: Will these war-torn men ever find their peace again?

Sweeping and powerful, like the pull of the ocean, Warriors is a novel that can’t be put down and that can never be forgotten.

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