Tying Stillwater Patterns for Trophy Trout Vol. Iv

By Denny Rickards

Variations of Denny's top patterns he fishes highlight this video. Features the Stillwater Bug w/ 6 new color variations, the new Damsel, the Shiner Minnow & the Doctor John. How to tie the pattern, how to fish it, & the best line & retrieval. 60 min.


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In this new tying stillwater patterns DVD, the rage of this past season was the Stillwater Bug. I'll show you one color that produced unbelievable results for me in 2008. However, if you will check out my section of this site under flies, the Stillwater Bug is the last fly listed, but with 6 new color variations to go with the original 6 colors. This is too good a fly for you stillwater anglers not to have in your arsenal.

In the video, as with all the tying videos, I'll show you not only how to tie this pattern, but how to fish it, the best line and retrieve along with other presentation tips. The second fly is my new Damsel, tied on a very short hook for good reason. It's all explained in the video. The third pattern is my Shiner Minnow with a few new additions that I added. During the trial period, this new version not only proved how deadly the pattern was, but took a lot of big trout seeking protein which is what minnows offer big fish. The fourth pattern is called, Doctor John, named after a very close friend in Elko, Nevada. It worked for me when water boatmen were on the water and trout feeding on them. But I think it has a silhouette that looks like food to the fish. Anyway, it proved it belongs in my small array of stillwater patterns. The last fly is the Multi-wing Leech which offers the advantage of more than one color on top. Since the leech pattern is so deadly in stillwater, why not add the advantage of more than one color in case you choose wrong or the trout has a different preference.

I think you will find this video will help fill that void when you struggle coming up with something the trout will take. Hope you enjoy it.


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