Trout Town

By Dave Ames

The story of an Afghanistan War veteran's return to civilian life. Adventurous, funny and poignant. Not just a fishing book, but much like life itself, and well worth reading even by folks who have never made a cast. 6X9 inches, 228 pgs.


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Jake Cruz, a decorated M.P., is back from Afghanistan with a war torn soul. Hardly an hour passes that he doesn't dream of swallowing his own weapon. The sole reason Jake has to put one foot in front of the other is a tear-stained letter he's promised to deliver to a person he's never met in a place he's never been-the jagged peaks of the Backbone-of-the-World.

Nearing the end of his quest, Jake stumbles into Trout Town. He's looking for whiskey to beat back the chill of a spring snow squall-but what he finds is Wounded Warriors, a program that uses fly-fishing to help ease veterans back into civilian life. For Jake, it's enough. Those pesky trout get under his skin. Sixteen months later he's caught at least one fish every day, and although Jake remains plagued with flashbacks and nightmares, he's found that shooting the television helps.

In Trout Town, fly-fishing is the thread that binds people to place, and 500 million years of Montana history is the needle that pulls the thread. The implacable grandeur of the American west resonates like another character in this book, singing right along with a cast of iconoclasts that include a Blackfeet warrior who whispers with eagles, a banjo-playing exhibitionist, and a burly scientist-philosopher who lives to the sound of one tooth chewing.

It's O.K. to be a little crazy in Trout Town because you'll fit right in. Jake doesn't just have friends in his new home, he has family, and when one of their own gets shot as part of a kidnapping plot Jake rides point on the investigation. When the case gets ugly, Jake needs all the considerable help his family of quirky friends can offer as he follows the clues from an innocuous riverside tryst to the seamy white underbelly of domestic terrorism.

Dave Ames
has written for many magazines and newspapers, including Big Sky Journal, The Los Angeles Times, and Fly Fisherman. He is the award winning author of books including True Love and the Woolly Bugger, A Good Life Wasted or Twenty Years as a Fishing Guide, Dances with Sharks, and Me, My Cells, and I. He considers himself fortunate to have spent the better part of his life casting flies into the rivers, swamps and oceans of the world, thanks all the fish that made it possible, and resides in Montana.


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