Trout Fishing in Southwest Wisconsin: a Guide to the Streams and Rivers of Wisconsin’s Driftless Area

By John Van Vliet

A guide to the streams and rivers of Wisconsin’s Driftless Area. Introducing interactive map’s powered by TroutRoutes™. Tucked away in the heart of the American is a little-known region of rugged hills, deep valleys and cold rushing trout streams called the “Driftless Area.” Best-selling fly-fishing author John van Vliet will help you unlock the secrets of the Driftless trout streams with this trilogy of guidebooks. Here you’ll find descriptions of hundreds of trout streams, complete with detailed maps, turn-by-turn directions to each featured stream, a section on tackle and techniques for fishing small streams, easy-to-read hatch charts and recommended fly patterns. ~160 PGS.


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Named for one of our favorite Driftless creeks, Trout Run Press is committee to the goal of helping you find your favorite creek. Trout Fishing in Southeast Minnesota has been in print for thirty years, guiding anglers to the unsung streams of Minnesota’s Driftless. Copies of the 1992 first edition are still occasionally spotted on the dashboards of angler’s vehicles parked along Minnesota’s trout streams, faded and dog-eared, but still trusted. (If that’s your vehicle, you should really buy the latest edition!)

Plus, through an exclusive collaboration between Trout Run Press and TroutRoutes®, the number-one trout-fishing app, you can simply scan the QR codes next to each stream map in our two newest titles to get real-time information on access, regulations and more.* And the TroutRoutes app also gives you access to more than 50,000 trout streams across the United States. *Some features require the Pro version of the TroutRoutes app.

John van Vliet is the author of more than a dozen books, including Trout Fishing in Northeast Iowa, The Art of Fly Tying, Fly Fishing Equipment & Skills, 365 Flies, Trout Fishing in Southeast Minnesota, and the forthcoming Trout Fishing in Southwest Wisconsin. An avid fly angler, certified fly-casting instructor, writer, publisher, speaker and filmmaker, John has fly fished around the world. His writing has appeared in the New York Times, World Traveler magazine, Big River magazine and, most recently, Fly Fisherman magazine. The trout streams of the Driftless Area are John’s home waters.


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