To All Things a Season: 12 Months

By E. Donnall Thomas

In these stories you can travel with Don as he fishes a small spring creek in the dead of winter for trout; takes on black bear and steelhead in Alaska; and hunts pheasants and sage grouse in Montana. Stories from a year spent fly fishing, bow hunting, and wingshooting. 8 B&W illus; 6x9 inches, 177 pgs.


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ISBN: 1-885106-54-8

EAN: 978-1-885106-54-4

Binding: Hardcover

Publish Date: 01/10/1997

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Here are the stories of a true sportsman's passion, pursuing his life's dream to spend as much time as possible fly fishing, bow hunting, and wingshooting. Travel with Don as he fishes a small spring creek in winter for trout, takes on a black bear and steelhead in Alaska, hunts pheasants and sage grouse in Montana, stalks the wild mushroom as well as the prehistoric paddlefish on the Missouri River, and takes on the wild boar of South Africa. Thomas shows why he is one of America's quintessential sportsmen and storytellers.

The bear appeared suddenly on the beach. I could see him all the way across the bay, a stark black presence working along the shoreline where the sunlight coaxed the new grass from the fertile earth just above the tide line. There is always something compelling about the sight of a bear in the wild, no matter how many of them you have seen before or what your intentions might be, but this one was something special.

E. Donnall Thomas Jr writes regularly about wingshooting, archery, fly fishing, and wildlife for a number of magazines, including Gray's Sporting Journal, Fly Rod & Reel, Shooting Sportsman, Alaska, Retriever Journal, and Outdoor Life. He has also published books about fly fishing and bow hunting. A practicing physician when he's not outdoors, he also writes and edits a section in the Journal of Wilderness Medicine. Don lives in rural central Montana.

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