The Power of Positive Fishing: a Story of Friendship and the Quest for Happiness

By Michael Tougias & Adam Gamble

Join Michael J. Tougias and Adam Gamble out on the water to see how their mutual passion for heart-pounding fishing action transforms their destinies. When the pair first met, they were married with two children each, nice homes in the suburbs, jobs that paid the bills, and frequent fishing trips. But their comfortable lives had cracks in them, and they soon found themselves hit by the rogue waves of divorce, financial challenges, addiction, and career upheaval. What kept them going—and helped them navigate the rough waters of middle age—was fishing and friendship. Together they not only learned some of the successful secrets of striped bass fishing, but they were also brutally honest in their advice for each other. They began to see their time spent on Adam’s boat, the Scout, as a way to explore new ways of thinking, dreaming big, and being right with the world. The two not only discovered ways forward but began living lives far beyond what they thought possible. The Power of Positive Fishing is an emotional journey interspersed with humor on how two individuals finally began tapping their full potentials, while hooking some great fish along the way. 6x9 inches, 256 pgs.


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“I'm not a big fan of fishing essays because they always seem to fall flat compared to the experience itself. And I didn't think the idea of two guys alternating stories could work. But Michael and Adam hit it out of the park. They are both terrific storytellers and this book is fun and lively and heartwarming. From a harrowing tale of swimming with sharks in the Bahamas to seals and dolphins and ocean sunfish on the Cape, they make a life on the water come alive. Besides, I am always a sucker for books on striped bass or Cape Cod.” —Tom Rosenbauer, author of The Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide and host of the The Orvis Fly Fishing podcast


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