The Orvis Pocket Guide To: Great Lakes Salmon and Steelhead

By Matthew Supinski

Tips, tactics, & techniques — plus, where to fish & when. Aimed at the trout & small game fisherman prepared to challenge bigger fish. Begins with descriptions of their prey, the life cycles of salmon & steelhead, their habits in migration, what they look for in a fly, & when they want it. Full color t/out; 4x6.25 inches, 256 pgs.


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ISBN: 1-59228-205-9

EAN: 978-1-59228-205-0

Binding: Hardcover

Publish Date: 14/04/2004

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The Great Lakes have become one of the world’s best salmonid fisheries, and this Orvis Pocket Guide should be in the vest pocket of any fly fisherman ready to try his luck there.

Aimed at the trout and small game fisherman prepared to challenge bigger fish, this book covers everything from how these Pacific Ocean gamefish got to the Great Lakes in the first place, to how to gear up for them, fish for them, and ultimately how to land them. In succinct chapters, lifetime Great Lakes fisherman Matthew Supinski covers every aspect of these great gamefish. He begins with descriptions of their prey, the life cycles of salmon and steelhead, their habits in migration, what they look for in a fly, and when they want it.

He explains the kinds of insects found in the Great Lakes, along with their hatching cycles, and explains variations in flies based on this knowledge. The author also provides tips on how to read the water, with particular emphasis on the peculiarities of the Great Lakes region, including manmade and natural influences.

Finally, perhaps the most exciting part of catching salmon and steelhead on the fly is the spectacular fighting performance these fish put on. Like riding a bronco, their leaps, hard-thrashing runs, and refusal to submit will addict the angler to ocean-run fish for life. Supinski offers invaluable advice on how to fight and land these giants.

No fisherman will want to approach these legendary waters without THE ORVIS POCKET GUIDE TO GREAT LAKES SALMON AND STEELHEAD.

is the Great Lakes editor of Fly-Fishing magazine, and the proprietor of the Gray Drake Lodge on Lake Michigan. He is also the author of Steelhead Dreams. He lives in Newago, Michigan.

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