The L. L. Bean Ultimate Book of Fly Fishing

By Macauley Lord, Dick Talleur, & Dave Whitlock

A compilation of the best instructional books on fly fishing available today, authored by some of the world's foremost fly-fishing experts. Divided into 4 essential parts: General Fly Fishing, Fly Fishing for Bass, Fly Casting, & Fly Tying, covering each with in-depth analysis in clear, easy-to-follow language. Full Color; 8x10 inches, 352 pgs.


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ISBN: 1-59228-891-X

EAN: 978-1-59228-891-5

Binding: Softcover

Publish Date: 15/03/2006

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The Lyons Press is proud to introduce The L.L. Bean Ultimate Book of Fly Fishing, an exciting full-color book for beginning and expert fly anglers alike.

Brought to you in conjunction with L.L. Bean, America’s most trusted name in outdoor apparel, and written by unquestioned experts in the field, this book is divided into four essential parts—General Fly Fishing, Fly Fishing for Bass, Fly Casting, and Fly Tying—and covers each with in-depth analysis in clear, easy-to-follow language. Learn about assembly of fly tackle; the biology of fish; natural fish foods and how to imitate them; safety techniques; bass flies; where to find bass; the eleven habits of highly effective fly casters; the basic four-part cast; the roll cast; the basics of fly tying; types of flies; the top ten most popular and successful fly patterns; and much more.

The L.L. Bean Ultimate Book of Fly Fishing is the perfect gift for seasoned anglers looking to improve their skills, novices picking up a fly rod for the first time, or all those who have ever dreamed of trading in their suits for a pair of waders.

"The publication is packed with instruction and pictures to supplement learning. It leaves nothing unanswered."--Las Vegas Review-Journal

"If you're looking for a reference to getting started in fly-fishing, or looking for advanced instruction in technique, it's a winner."--The Montana Standard

"Anyone who reads the book and absorbs even some of the information will learn a lot from the three authors." - The Spokesman-Review

Macauley Lord
has been the head instructor of the L.L. Bean Fly-Fishing School since 1986 and is the former editor of The Loop, the quarterly journal for certified fly-casting instructors. He lives in Brunswick, Maine.

Dick Talleur has long been considered one of the most authoritative and genuinely effective fly-tying teachers in the world. He is the author of The Versatile Fly Tyer, Modern Fly-Tying Materials, and Talleur’s Basic Fly Tying. He lives in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Dave Whitlock is one of America’s most versatile fly fishermen. He is the author of several books, including Dave Whitlock’s Guide to Aquatic Trout Foods. He lives in Midway, Arkansas.

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