The Kokanee Obsession

By Kent Cannon

Helps you shorten the learning curve & in a sense give you a running start. By understanding the seasons & the methods that work within those seasons, you can put more & larger fish in the box day in & day out. Color photos; 10x7 inches, 84 pgs.


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ISBN: 0-615-43390-1

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Binding: Softcover

Publish Date: 30/06/2011

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Kokanee fishing is an obsession and as you can see by the name of the book, I am addicted. One of the most frustrating things for a Kokaholic to hear is that the fish are just not biting. Many times I have been at the ramp launching my boat when some forlorn fisherman will tell me that the bite is off. “Should have been here last week, it was real hot.” is another statement that I hear fairly often. I am a cup is half full kind of guy, not a half empty sort of person! I always tell my wife after such an encounter, “I just don't think those guys know how to fish for Kokanee.” It has always been a frustration for me to hear those words because there is so little information out there specifically targeting kokanee. To date, my only effective method of teaching Kokanee techniques has been to take a non believer out fishing. My hope is that through this book, I can in effect take you fishing without leaving the dock. Kokanee can be a very frustrating fish to pursue, and without a little coaching, there is a long learning curve to get to the point you are regularly catching fish. My goal with this book is to help shorten the learning curve and in a sense give you a running start. By understanding the seasons and the methods that work within those seasons, you can put more and larger fish in the box day in and day out. Tight Lines and Good Fishing! ~Kent Cannon~

About the Author:
has spent most of his life chasing the fish of the Great Northwest, primarily Steelhead, Kokanee, Chinook, Silver salmon and trout. Growing up in Central Oregon, he was afforded many opportunities to fish lake, stream and later in life; salt water. Kent now resides in the Willamette valley with his wife Jan giving him quick access to some of the best fishing the Northwest has to offer. Kent spends a large majority of his time doing just what he loves and craves spending an average of three to four days a week (or more if he can swing it!) out on the water fishing. He has introduced many to the wonderful sport of fishing and by drawing from his years of experience, he strives to help others to be successful while pursuing the fish of the Great Northwest.

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