The Hunt: Fly Fishing's Greatest Adventures

By Don & Scott Muelrath

A stunning, oversized book of amazing fly fishing photographs and text from all over the world. For each species of fish and location you will see the spot, cast, hookset, fight, landing and release. You joing "The Hunt" in some nine countries in pursuit of tarpon, trout (brown, cutthroat, brook and rainbow), bonefish, permit and other saltwater inhabitants. 10x14 inches, 170 pgs.


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ISBN: 0-9769225-0-9

EAN: 978-0-9769225-0-6

Binding: Hardcover

Publish Date: 01/01/2006

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Forward by R. Valentine Atkinson

The authors transport the reader through their lens to the fish and waters of some nine countries in their pursuit of tarpon, trout (brown, cutthroat, brook and rainbow), bonefish, permit and other saltwater inhabitants. Each species has a chapter devoted to it in which text accompanies a series of full-page photographs. From the mottled and subdued hues of an early morning in New Zealand to the iridescent and expansive bonefish flats of Ascension Bay, the photographs resonate with an informed vitality.

Some anglers are truly gifted with a fly rod! Some anglers are gifted with a camera! Very few anglers gifted with both. Don Muelrath worked long and hard at becoming one of those few anglers that can do it both! His book 'The Hunt' takes you to some of the most beautiful places on earth in search of some of the most beautiful fishes of the world.

Don takes you through the world of fishes one species at a time. Giving you the experience of seeing, casting and finally catching the topic of your days adventure. Don's photos have the ability to bring the reader into each and every experience. You will think you can hear the water running past you or feel it's rush on your legs, that you can smell salt air with each jump of the tarpon or feel the tropic sun warming your arms. His series the presentation, the take and the fight allow the reader to become part of the fishing experience.

The essays are a combination of the fishing experience and are informative as well. You will truly believe you are present after reading the anecdotes of the author's journeys. The essays are well placed and allow you understand more about each individual fish species.

THE HUNT is a visual fly-fishing treasure trove, depicting with elegant photographic insight the essence of what fly-fishing books have been trying to describe in mere words for hundreds of years! This is by any measure the finest fly-fishing pictorial I have ever seen, and the blend of world-class photography and elegant prose by Don and Scott Muelrath makes “THE HUNT” a must buy for every fly fisherman.
Russell Thornberry, D.O.P.A.P. Founder and Publisher

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