The Greats of Adirondack Fly Fishing

By Robert W. Streeter

Details and the history of fly fishing in the Adirondacks and the stories of several anglers who made their name fishing there.


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Streeter's new book details a relatively unexplored part of America fly fishing history-the evolution of the sport in the Adirondacks. New York;s Adirondack mountains hold a fly fishing heritage that began in Colonial times and continues today While the Catskills typically get more notoriety in American fly fishing texts, the legacy of the Adirondacks holds a treasure trove of fly angling tales depicted in this new volume.

Street's life-long fascination with fly fishing is evident in the approach the book takes. The author was fortunate enough to know one of the fly casters portrayed in the book, and his research uncovered the rest of their stories during hours of interviews with the relatives and friends of these anglers. Streeter takes reader through the timeline of Adirondack fly fishing from the days of Colonial America all the way to the present, describing the incredible fly fishing that took place in vivid detail. Some of these anglers are well-known, and others will surprise readers as they learn the part they played in the Adirondacks. The book also includes many of the recipes for the traditional Adirondack fly patterns they developed.

The book departs from the typical historical text, yet Streeter provides the details and documented facts that any historian could further explore on their own. as a life-long angler, Street's perspective is evident, and he tells this part of fly fishing history in a manner anyone can enjoy, including the discoveries found in his research. For example, the author lives near Sir William Johnson's home, and through his work on the new book, Streeter learned the deeds of this epic historical figure who lived just before the American Revolution and of Johnson's role in the exploration and taming of Upstate New Your, including the Adirondacks. This and many other Adirondack angling stories await readers.


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