The Dead Drift: an In-depth Analysis to Fly Fishing New Zealand

By Stealth Films with Dean Bell

Stunning scenery, beautiful footage & spectacular fishing with many 'gems of wisdom' from one of New Zealand's top fishing guides. A film that any fly fisherman - young or old, inexperienced or a veteran - will gain knowledge from. 65 min.


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Many years ago I fished a magical river in the heart of Fiordland in New Zealand’s South Island. This river had everything a fly fisherman is looking for - crystal clear water, a healthy population of Brown and Rainbow Trout that took dry flies freely from the surface, and scenery surpassing anything in the world. I had truly found heaven! For many a year I had been eager to return …… and after 12 years finally did so with a High Definition video camera and fly fishing expert Dean Bell. ( a guide from Te Anau that knows these waters well ) To my delight, this magical spot remained unchanged and provided one of natures most spectacular backdrops upon which to capture on film the very best fly fishing New Zealand has to offer. The different techniques Dean uses to catch these wary Trout in often difficult and unusual situations you will find both educational and very entertaining.

"This is hunting, stalking, sight-fishing on clear streams for large browns and rainbows. Dean Bell has earned a reputation as one of New Zealand's best, if not the best, guides. His fishing advice defines the sport." - John Randolph, Editor-in-Chief, Fly Fisherman magazine

“If you like watching large brown and rainbow trout caught on large dry flies in incredibly clear water, then pop this DVD in, turn up the volume, and watch 65 minutes of High Definition footage as Dean catches and releases over 20 of these big boys. It looked great on my 50” widescreen, putting me right into the action as if I were there, at Dean’s side.” Review - Scott Carles - Cutthroat Stalker

“In this DVD Dean demonstrates fly fishing in the crystal clear rivers of the wilderness area of Fiordland. While some films cut and clip to just show exciting scenes and big fish being caught, this DVD takes fly fishing to another level. Dean’s real time footage and pre-casting analysis with good clear discussion on each scene is extremely helpful. His tips and hints make the clips a great educational DVD for even the most experienced fly fisherman who is open to becoming a more accomplished fisher. Dean shows and explains how to catch fish in various difficult situations. An extremely entertaining and informative DVD - a masterpiece.”

Dean is one of New Zealands top fly fishing guides and his talents are highly sought after by fly fishers from all over the world. He guides exclusively on rivers and his specialty is sight fishing for the large Brown & Rainbow Trout that inhabit these pristine river systems. His experience and knowledge are without equal and it is a privilege for me – a mere mortal when it comes to fly fishing - to join him for a days fly fishing on these magical waters. Fly fishing on crystal clear slow moving water can be difficult in the extreme - Dean makes it seem effortless, when in fact what you are witnessing is an
expert at work.


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