The Cruiser's Handbook of Fishing

By Scott Bannerot and Wendy Bannerot

First-ever complete guide to finding, catching, processing, & cooking fish from the decks of a cruising sail- or powerboat. Authors have successfully cruise-fished tropical & temperate seas for more than two decades. 155 illus.; 5x9 inches, 432 pages.


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Binding: Softcover

Publish Date: 14/09/2004

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The Cruiser’s Handbook of Fishing is the first-ever complete guide to finding, catching, processing, and cooking fish from the decks of a cruising boat. Its authors, Scott and Wendy Bannerot, have successfully cruise-fished tropical and temperate seas for more than two decades. Now, for the first time, they share the fruits of their experiences, along with what they’ve gleaned from their exhaustive research of the professional and scientific literature on the subject. With the help of dozens of detailed line illustrations, photographs, and fascinating and instructive real-life vignettes, they impart everything they know about catching fish at various latitudes from a cruising boat underway or at anchor, from a dinghy, in the surf, and while diving reefs. Step by step they walk you through all practical aspects of:

*Tying specific knots and crimps for cruise fishing anywhere in the world
* Choosing, using, and maintaining tackle, lures, hooks, leaders, and other rigging essentials
* Selecting the right gear for a range of interests, locations, and budgets
* Identifying hundreds of fish species
* Reading currents, wind, wave patterns, tides, water temperature, atmospheric conditions, debris, and other important oceanographic signs
* Modifying vessels with cruise-fishing enhancements such as rod holders, outriggers, cleaning tables, bait wells, and platforms
* Fishing with large cast nets
* Avoiding routine fishing injuries, poisoning, venomous stings and punctures, and steering clear of dangerous predators
* Treating wounds and infections and assembling a survival kit
* Preparing your catch—including a range of easy and delectable recipesThe only single-source guide of its kind, The Cruiser’s Handbook of Fishing is an indispensable shipboard companion for every sailor who dreams of hauling in the big ones.

There’s the thrill of wrestling a fifty-pound yellowfin or hefty wahoo up from the depths and onto the deck of your boat. Then comes the mouthwatering aroma of your fish, slow-cooking on an open grill, followed by the indescribable pleasure of eating it. And of course, there’s the sense of pride and fellowship you feel when you share your abundant catch—and your fish stories—with other seafarers and friends. Experiences such as these are the stuff of many a cruiser’s dreams—dreams that far too often go unfulfilled. That’s because fishing from a cruising boat is unlike any other type of fishing. It requires special preparation and a unique set of skills, at best acquired piecemeal, by word of mouth, or through frustrating trial and error. Until now.

"The definitive book." --Cruising World

"Every culture has its bible, and until now, there wasn't one for the voyager with a passion for catching fish." --Ocean Navigator

1. Fishing Success under Power or Sail: A Preview
2. Gear, Tackle, and Connections for Hook-and-Line Fishing
3. Offshore Trolling
4. Adrift or Anchored
5. Dinghy Techniques
6. Walking, Wading, and Diving
7. Hand Tools, Traps, Nets, and Other Assorted Gear
8. Modifying Your Vessel for Fishing
9. Processing Your Catch
10. Medical Considerations for the Cruising Fisher
11. Getting the Most from Your New Cruising Skill
12. A Guide to Edible Fish and Invertebrates
13. More Seafood Recipes
Appendix 1. Sources for Fishing and Related Gear
Appendix 2. Further Reading and Information
Appendix 3. The Wonderful World of Fly-Fishing
Appendix 4. Fishing-Reel Maintenance and Repair
Appendix 5. References

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