The Cracker Barrel: Fishing and Understanding the Bamboo Fly Rod

By Sante L. Giuliani

"Fishbanjo" Giuliani has penned some of the most illuminating articles ever published on how to choose, care for, & fish with bamboo fly rods. B&W illus; 5x7 inches, 224 pgs.


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ISBN: 0-9845771-4-9

EAN: 978-0-9845771-4-9

Binding: Softcover

Publish Date: 31/01/2011

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Sante L. Giuliani is also known by his on-line moniker, fishnbanjo, or "Banjo" as he is affectionately known. A long-time contributor to Dick Spurr's Cracker Barrel web site and VFS fly fishing forums, nearly a decade ago when both of these web sites disappeared, Sante began crafting his own epistles to the bamboo fly rod which he called, in homage to these departed fly fishing havens, the Cracker Barrel. This is because in olden days, folks would gather around the cracker barrel in general stores to kibbitz on a variety of topics.

Thus the Cracker Barrel was born. Sante enlisted some of his friends--noted rodmakers William "Streamer" Abrams and Mark Wendt, renowned collector Ken Smith, and celebrated authors Kathy Scott and Joe Beelart--who also contributed articles to the Cracker Barrel.

What resulted is collected here for the first time in book form. From detailed analysis on all aspects of the bamboo fly rod--including everything from how a rod is constructed to the differences between impregnated and varnished rods to a discourse on tapers to how to properly put a bamboo fly rod back in a rod sock--this is one of the finest primers on the bamboo fly rod ever put in print.

Includes chapters on why you should fish bamboo, how to buy a bamboo rod, how to cast a bamboo rod, how to care for bamboo, building a cane rod, references for bamboo fly rods, impregnated vs. varnished rods, bamboo fly rod tapers, and balance and rod performance, as well as a number of entertaining pieces on Winston, Kushner, Judge Voelker, Chris McDowell, John DeNoma Sr., and Roger Fairfield.

Limited to 100 numbered hardcovers, this is the second volume in the new Fly Angler's Desktop Library.


Fly Angler's Desktop Library is a return to the Golden Age of Books, when bigger was not necessarily better. It was a time when publishers like Borzoi Books lovingly crafted beautiful, compact volumes. Now, we can recapture the classic look and feel of these wonderful books in a new series dedicated to bringing out long forgotten treatises as well as new, original works on the art and beauty of fly angling. At a compact 4.5" x 6.875" size, these books are designed to be proudly displayed on the desktop, just like in the olden days. With learned and interesting introductions and appendices of additional materials, you won't want to miss any of these little gems. Color coded hardcovers by subject. Red for rod making, fly tying and fly tackle; Blue for general fly angling; Green for history and biography.

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