The Bagley Collector's Guide

By Johnny Garland

Definitive source for all things Bagley. From a detailed history of the company, to a thorough breakdown of every production Bagley lure made, to a comprehensive study of all known Bagley colors, this book will serve as a phenomenal resource for the Bagley collector. Nearly 1000 color photos; 9x11 inches, 200 pgs.


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ISBN: 0-9845771-0-6

EAN: 978-0-9845771-0-1

Binding: Softcover

Publish Date: 30/06/2010

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The Jim Bagley Bait Company was one of the pioneers in the American fishing tackle industry. When Jim Bagley founded the tackle company that would bear his name in 1954, he could not have known that almost six decades later collectors and fishermen alike would acclaim Bagley fishing lures as among the finest ever made. Yet from the standpoint of quality construction, paint finish, and downright fish catching ability, Bagley lures have few peers.

In this book, noted Bagley collector and scholar Johnny Garland brings us the definitive study of these American classics. The book includes a detailed history of the firm from 1954 up until 1998, a detailed look at boxes and box styles, a study of each of the numerous models of Bagley lures from the Kill'r B to the Small Fry and everything in between, and a massive section containing every known Bagley color to date (over 500!). Other sections include a reproduction of important Bagley catalogs and a peek inside Jim Bagley's personal tackle box! With hundreds of full color photos, Johnny Garland's Bagley Collector's Guide promises to be the definitive work on the subject.

Whether your are a new Bagley collector or a seasoned veteran, the Bagley Collector's Guide is the only Bagley book you will ever need.

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