Tenkara Fly Fishing: Insights & Strategies

By David E Dirks

Learn tenkara fly fishing from the insights and experiences of some of America’s best tenkara anglers. B&W photos; 6x9 inches, 156 pgs.


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ISBN: 1-4827-7502-6

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Binding: Softcover

Publish Date: 29/03/2013

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Learn tenkara fly fishing from the insights and experiences of some of America’s best tenkara anglers

One of the things I first noticed when I began getting into tenkara was the lack of written material available outside of some very good blogs from ex-perienced tenkara anglers, many of whom participated in this project. Very little Japanese literature has been translated into English. There are still many Western-style fly anglers who still don’t know or hadn’t heard of tenkara. Now that I have experienced tenkara for myself, it’s hard for me to imagine other anglers missing out on an opportunity to add another dimension to their fishing pleasure.

Searching around, I did find a small cadre of anglers who had discovered tenkara and were now on the path to serious dedication and understanding. More importantly, these guys were catching trout and lots of them in waters all around the United States. How could something this good be known to so few? We had to find ways to get the word out on tenkara as a method of fly-fishing here in the States. It seemed to me that the best way to do that was to find some of the best tenkara anglers in the U.S. and work with them to share their insights, strategies and tactics for tenkara. That’s just what I did in producing this book.

You the reader have the opportunity to consider a wider range of views on tenkara, from the purist tenkara angler to what I call the “adaptive tenkara angler.” There’s room for everyone in the tenkara world. You can discern what appeals to you as you work your way through each chapter.

I think you’ll enjoy the wit and often-sharp opinions that our group of tenkara anglers has openly shared. I know I have as I’ve worked through their interviews and constructed the manuscript for this book project.

What You’ll Learn In This Book:

History of tenkara – What makes tenkara special – Selecting a tenkara rod – Tenkara fly lines – Best tippet options – Traditional tenkara flies – Matching the hatch vs. tenkara – Manipulating the fly – Non-traditional tenkara flies – Tying Traditional Kebari & Adaptation Patterns - Casting techniques – Fishing riffles, pools, eddies & pocket water with tenkara – Fishing small waters – Strategies for fishing larger waters - Fighting fish on a tenkara rod

…And Much More!

David Dirks
has been a fly angler spanning nearly 35 years and now counts tenkara fly fishing for the overwhelming time he puts on trout waters around the U.S.

Dave is the host and producer of the DirksOutdoors radio show on WTBQ in the Hudson Valley ( – one of the only outdoor radio shows of its kind in New York State.

His outdoor videos are produced for the DirksOutdoors YouTube channel (

Dave was the weekly outdoor columnist for The Times Herald-Record (, which is based in Middletown, N.Y., from 1999 to 2013. He is a long-time member of the New York State Outdoor Writers Association.

“I’ve been fishing and hunting for over 35 years,” he says. “During those years, I’ve had the opportunity to teach and take many friends into the fields and streams throughout New York State. I’ve also taught the skills of angling and hunting to each of my four growing children, who are now my best outdoor partners.”

Dirks is a lifelong resident of the Hudson Valley and fishes all over the United States. When taking a break from his work, Dirks can be found in the fields, streams or hiking paths with one of his children and other great friends.

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