Streams: Their Ecology and Life

By Colbert E. Cushing & J. David Allan

Combines a discussion of the ecology of streams & rivers, in layperson language, with an illus field guide of the plants & animals found in running waters of N. America. Abiotic factors, energy sources, food webs. Color photos, illus, & maps; 6x9 inches, 366 pgs.


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ISBN: 0-12-050340-9

EAN: 978-0-12-050340-7

Binding: Softcover

Publish Date: 15/08/2001

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Streams are important habitats and are complicated because so many different kinds of animals and plants live in or near them. This book, in four parts, explains stream ecology to the general reader. The first part describes the ecological processes and interactions that take place in streams and rivers. The dynamic aspects of streams, including the abiotic factors, energy sources, and food webs, are defined, described, and reviewed. The second part of the book is a simplified classification of streams and rivers that relies on the size of the river as well as on the geographic location of rivers. The third part of the book is a description of the animals and plants commonly in and along the streams and rivers mostly of North America. The last chapter of the book is devoted to the various threats to America's rivers and streams.
Streams is a handbook that combines a discussion of the ecology of streams and rivers, in layperson language, with an illustrated field guide of the plants and animals found in running waters of North America. Various illustrations and maps accompany the text. The authors are extremely well known--Cushing is the lead content provider for an America On-Line service provided through Trout Unlimited entitled "Ask Dr. Cushing." He is frequently asked the sorts of questions that are answered in this field guide.


"This book is very well organized. It is a comprehensive volume that covers all the basics of stream ecology and would serve as a useful reference for both professional and lay audiences...This is the best available road map through the scientific complexities of a discipline that informs our understanding of environmental quality. —Charles F. Gauvin, President and CEO, TROUT UNLIMITED (May 2001)

"This informative volume is exactly what has long been needed - a book that tells us how rivers and their essential life systems work. Every reader's understanding of our watery lifelines will be enhanced by the superb knowledge and wisdom that these fine scientists impart. Streams: Their Ecology and Life will become a useful tool for better care of our waterways and an essential companion to river enthusiasts." —Tim Palmer, author of "Lifelines: The Case for River Conservation, America by Rivers", and "The Heart of America".

"When the president of a local watershed protection group asks me what book to read to lean about streams, I'll recommend this one. It is an engaging introduction to the ecology of rivers and streams. The authors' enthusiasm for the subject is contagious." —Judy Meyer, Director of Science, River Basin Science and Policy Center, University of Georgia

J. David Allan
is the author of a well known textbook in Aquatic Ecology.

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