Strategies That Catch Trout

Fool trout into taking your fly. Covers the game plans that anglers use to catch trout under the varying conditions. How to go about matching the hatch, fishing when there is no hatch & the when specific or impressionistic imitations works best to your advantage. Read trout waters & locate trout fishing banks, riffles, runs, pools, pocket water, current eddies & seams & still waters. DVD, 1 hour.


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Publish Date: 03/10/2005

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The Understanding Trout series is an interactive educational and instructional DVD series of programs designed to teach you how to fool trout into taking your fly.

Recommended Prerequisites:
The Fly Shop, Knots and Rigging Technique, The Perfect Cast and The Perfect Presentation

Strategies That Catch Trout covers the game plans that anglers use to catch trout under the varying conditions encountered on different streams at various times of the season. It explains how to go about matching the hatch, fishing when there is no hatch and the when specific or impressionistic imitations works best to your advantage. It reveals how, when and where
attracter flies are useful. Learn how to determine whether trout are feeding opportunistically or selectively and how to handle either with proficiency and confidence. It explains the timing and occurrence of hatches and how to adjust and utilize hatch chart information. Learn how to read trout waters and locate trout fishing banks, riffles, runs, pools, pocket water, current eddies and seams and still waters.

Trout and Their Habitat covers the four major species of trout; the Brown, Brook, Cutthroat and Rainbow; their range, and distribution. Learn about the particular habits and habitats of each species. Examine the differences in native, stocked and stream bred or wild trout. Understand the different strategies used for freestone streams, tail-waters, spring creeks and still waters. Considerations that should to be given to the different types of water, such as pools, runs and ripples are included. The trout’s senses of sight and hearing are discussed in relationship to how it affects the angler’s approach. Environmental effects such as the ph of the water, water temperature, oxygen content and weather conditions and how trout are affected by these variables is covered.

Teaches all aspects of fly-fishing from its very basic to its most advanced levels. You can get your PHD of fly-fishing right here!

* Purpose:
It was conceived and designed to bring anglers a greater knowledge of the fish they pursue and the insects and other sources of food they survive on.

* Locations:
Over six years in production, the programs were digitally recorded in 44 states on over 150 rivers, lakes and streams. 81 are included in Trout Unlimited America’s Best 100 Trout Streams. Even though these are educational and instructional programs, not fishing destinations promotions, you will get a first hand look at these many legendary, blue ribbon trout streams:
-- North West
Henry’s Fork of the Snake River
-- Southwest
San Juan River
Colorado’s Gunnison
Frying Pan
Remote alpine streams
-- Midwest
White River
Famous streams of the Great Lakes area such as Michigan's Au Sable River Wisconsin and Minnesota spring creeks
Mid-Atlantic's Potomac and Cranberry Rivers
Southeast’s Davidson and Little Rivers
-- North East
Beaver Kill
Penn’s Creek and Delaware River
New England’s famous Batten Kill
Kennebago River
-- Pacific Northwest's
Yakima River
-- California
McCloud Rivers

Only streams located within the continental United States are featured in the programs. There are NO far away, FOREIGN, expensive fishing destinations.

* Settings:
Filled with spectacular scenery of the Yellowstone, Teton, and Great Smokey Mountain National Parks; gorgeous Rocky Mountain ranges and the Appalachian’s highly renowned Green, White, and Catskills Mountains of the Northeast, “Fly Fishing DVD” will prove to be both pleasurable and entertaining as well as informative and educational. Some of the wildest and most rugged scenery found anywhere, splashed with wildlife scenes of eagles, hawks, elk, antelope, bison, moose, whitetail, blacktail, and mule deer, bear, wild turkey, ducks and geese, coyote, wolves, mountain goats, big horn sheep, and snakes of all types are displayed in this stunning production.

* Format:
The programs were digitally recorded, edited, and replicated in clear, sharp, high-resolution DVD format. Unlike many DVD productions, these do not consist of analog video that has been digitally converted to DVD.

* Interactivity:
Direct access to hundreds of subjects on the menus permits the viewer to interactively reference any subjects that are of interest at the push of a button, or choose to play the programs continuously like any video. The menus make it easy for those that want to review certain segments by allowing them to immediately return to any portion of the program as many times and as often as desired.

* Internet Website Updates:
The internet website is continually being updated and expanded with new programs and in order to keep everything current. Each DVD is linked to our website in order that the viewer can keep updated on many important aspects of fly fishing as well as be informed as to the availability of new releases. Those viewing the DVDs on a PC connected to the Internet can just click on and go directly to the website.

* Promotions:
Unlike most fly-fishing videos, this series promotes the “sport of fly fishing”, not a particular manufacturer, product, agency, guide service, travel service or other similar entity. Once you engross the contents of these programs, you will be well qualified to make your own intelligent choices as to manufacturers and services that are associated with the sport of fly fishing.

* Host and Guest:
Teaching others to fish has been a rewarding, lifetime devotion for, James Marsh, host of the programs. For over two decades, he has made his sole profession producing fishing and other instructional outdoor videos. Although James has cast, on-camera, in fresh and salt waters around the world catching almost every species of sport fish that swims, his most rewarding experiences come from fly-fishing at home in the United States of America.

As you can see, during the six-year course of this production, his wife Angie, starting from scratch, became an accomplished angler, proving that it doesn’t take a lifetime to learn to fly fish skillfully and successfully. Assisting in the production of the series greatly shortened the learning curve for her and the instructional DVD’s can do the same for you.

Over fifty reputable anglers have contributed in some way towards the production of the series. You will be hard pressed to find a production on fly-fishing that comes close to this one.

* Prerequisites:
Although they are not required, prerequisites are recommended for some of the programs. This permits the viewer an opportunity to become familiar with the rudiments and fundamentals that are necessary in order to fully grasp the subject content of some of the more advanced programs.

The 100 series programs are referred to as the "Undergraduate" programs. They are for beginners as well as those who thought they knew it all, but didn't. The 200 series are referred to as the "Graduate" programs. Anglers who already have a reasonable amount of experience and knowledge of fly-fishing should achieve the most from these. The 300 series, referred to as "Doctorate" programs, are designed for experienced anglers who already have a good knowledge of fly-fishing.


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