Stillwater Presentation: a Fly Fisher's Comprehensive Guide for Planning and Executing a Presentation System for Catching Stillwater Trout

By Denny Rickards

Includes understanding trout behavior, the impact of natures conditions on trout & their food sources, learning which line, pattern & retrieve that matches the zone you choose to fish, where to start your day, positioning to make the right cast & much more. 200+ color photos; 9x11 inches, 287 pgs.


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ISBN: 0-9656458-3-5

EAN: 978-0-9656458-3-6

Binding: Hardcover

Publish Date: 31/01/2010

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My thanks goes to all you guys and gals who have inquired about the availability of my new book, Stillwater Presentation.

The book has 17 chapters, 287 pages which is almost l00 more than my first book, Fly Fishing Stillwaters for Trophy Trout, close to 200 color photos and is in hard bound cover. It's taken me almost 3 years to research and write it and this book includes everything you need to know in order to fish and catch trout in lakes, reservoirs and ponds.

This is as complete a book as I think you will find on fishing stillwater including a chapter on testing your knowledge on a variety of lakes from April through October. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed researching with rod in hand on the water.

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