Stillwater Fly Fishing Secrets

By Hal Janssen

A comprehensive, instructional fly-fishing book with successful techniques, 48 fly patterns, diagrams, knot tying instructions and much more. Fly-fishing Hall of Fame inductee Hal Janssen shares his 60+ years of on-the-water experience and reveals his secrets for success. Color photos & ilus; 288 pgs.


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Stuffed full of straight-forward facts, tips and secrets. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will be amazed by Hal's keen observations and the simple ways he applies his knowledge to catch trout. Each pattern is Hal's personal go-to fly for given situations, beautifully illustrated by Hal. Includes a special forward by Russell Chathem.

Hal Janssen
is a nationally known writer, artist, lecturer and video personality who over 50 years, has fished for nearly every species of fresh and salt water fish. Old timers from the Golden Gate Casting Club adopted him as a child, setting him up with a shooting head and teaching him to cast. Hal is one of the very few in the world with naturally polarized eyes that allows him to see better, and take fish when others are unsuccessful Growing up in the 50’s Hal was an active member of the Rivers of a Lost Coast greats group and a consummate stillwater authority, Hal’s self-confidence and fiery enthusiasm seem to guide him in everything he does. His programs turn you on to the wonders of our sport.

Hal and Scientific Anglers developed S/A’s wet tip fly line. He helped develop Sunset Line Company’s fly lines, the first tapered lead core line, and invented density compensated uniform sink and clear fly lines and created fly display boxes, tools, shirts, and more. Hal designed a signature line of hooks with Partridge-U.K., and consulted with on rod design. Over 70 Janssen fly patterns are distributed worldwide. Hal's has a series of three videotapes, a book, and is about to launch a new stillwater book. He with his wife Jane founded the Hal Janssen Company in 1979, the first exclusively fly fishing equipment distributor until they retired in 2007,

As a fine artist, Hal Janssen has illustrated all the fly drawings and paintings for Anglers’ Calendar for over 20 years and has illustrated many magazine articles. When Hal gets involved he usually gets “Best of Show,” as with his fish carvings. He calls them “Living Wood” because of their unique life-like realism. In his spare time, Hal restores classic cars and has achieved professional pin striper status. Hal has written over 25 articles and has contributed to 21 books both as an artist and an author. Hal gained broad recognition as an instructor for his stillwater fly fishing seminars and schools, and has entertained thousands in fly club presentations, as a member of the Coors Outdoor Team, and Ed Rice's International Sportsman's Exposition Pro Staff. He helped found the Diablo Valley Fly Fishers Club and consults to conservation groups.

When they are not at Lake Almanor, Hal Janssen lives in Santa Rosa, California


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