Stalking Trout - a Serious Fisherman's Guide

By Les Hill & Graeme Marshall

Clarifies some of the mysteries of trout fishing! Practical advise for both novice & expert; demonstrates in diagrammatic & pictorial form when & how to get the extra edge against that most worthy of adversaries, the trout. B&W sketches/illus, 8 pg. color insert; 7x10 inches, 148 pgs.


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ISBN: 0-908697-33-3

EAN: 978-0-908697-33-5

Binding: Softcover

Publish Date: 15/12/1998

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Fishing to sighted trout is surely one of the most exciting and satisfying ways of trout fishing known to man: even when everything seems perfect – the fly, presentation, the cast – who can tell if the trout will accept the offering, or ignore it! This fascinating book sets out to clarify some of the mysteries of trout fishing.

It provides practical advise which both novice and expert can turn to their advantage, and it demonstrates in diagrammatic and pictorial form when and how to get the extra edge against that most worthy of adversaries, the trout.

LES Hill
’s frequent forays into the vast wilderness areas of New Zealand, armed with rod and camera, have earned him the reputation of being one of the country’s leading ‘back country’ fishermen. His photographs are recognised internationally as expressing the intrinsic magic of fishing.

GRAEME MARSHALL lives and fishes in the Nelson area of New Zealand: he has researched the techniques discussed in this book over man years and many, many rivers. There are few indeed who can match his ability to catch trout, whether using fly, spinner, or any other means.

GRANT WINTER, also from Nelson, is a cartoonist, art teacher, fisherman. He has the ability to amuse as he gently and clearly illustrates the points the authors wish to stress.

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