Spin Fishing for Trout: Strategies and Tactics for Success Volume 1

By David E. Dirks

A compilation of strategies and tactics pulled from formal and informal discussions with professional guides and trout spinning experts from across the country. B&W photos; 6x9 inches, 132 pgs.


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ISBN: 1-4681-8438-5

EAN: 978-1-4681-8438-9

Binding: Softcover

Publish Date: 08/04/2013

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Improve your trout fishing productivity & satisfaction. Here are just some of the topics covered Spin Fishing for Trout: Strategies & Tactics for Success -

Spin Fishing Equipment – Common Mistakes & How to Correct Them – Favorite Seasonal Lures and Tactics – Lure Performance: Spinners and Spoons – Common Water Structures and How to Fish Them – Fishing Small Lakes, Brooks and Ponds – Weather and its Impact on Lure Selection – Tactics for Fishing Pressured Water – Tactics for Targeting and Catching Larger Trout – When to Change Lures and Tactics – Angler Behavior: Doing the Right Thing on the Water.

This book is not a basic 101 course on spin fishing for trout. There are already plenty of excellent basic “how-to” books to help you master the basics of using spin fishing equipment.

Spin Fishing for Trout is a compilation of strategies and tactics pulled from formal and informal discussions with professional guides and trout spinning experts from across the country. Each year, millions of anglers spend time plying their local waters and trout waters from other destinations. Since it was introduced in the mid-20th century, spin fishing has become a national favorite for catching all kinds of fish in both freshwater and saltwater.

My goal with this book was to search out and put together the experience and perspectives of multiple anglers: Anglers who fish for trout and spend more time on the water doing it than the average angler. Anglers who work to make a living out of it, selling services or products to average fishermen. Anglers who have gained a volume of knowledge based on 30, 40 or even 50 years of spin fishing experience. Why settle for one angler’s perspective on a specific subject when a number of insights from different levels and different anglers can be offered to readers?

So, in addition to what I have contributed to this book based on my collective spin fishing experience of over 35 years, you have the perspectives of different anglers who come to the sport from entirely different sets of angling histories. No one angler attacks a fishing challenge exactly the same as another. Every angler has learned based on the depth and width of their angling experiences.

In all, the anglers who have helped me craft this book bring a collective experience base of more than 200 years to angling for you to review and select what works.

This book is thick with insights on pro tactics for catching more fish consistently. Sprinkled liberally throughout this book you’ll see special inserts noted as “PRO TACTICS.” When you see these inserts pop up in the book, they are from the collective wisdom of the many expert anglers who’ve helped me over the years become a better trout fisherman.

Think of this book as helping you to continue to strengthen the foundation of trout angling expertise that you already possess. Take what you want from it, liberally and freely, and use it well. Absorb the points made in the chapters of this book, letting them sink into your consciousness and seep into your actions on the water. That’s the one thing that I can appreciate the most when it comes to fishing: There is always something new to learn.

David Dirks
has been a fly angler spanning nearly 35 years and now counts tenkara fly fishing for the overwhelming time he puts on trout waters around the U.S.

Dave is the host and producer of the DirksOutdoors radio show on WTBQ in the Hudson Valley ( – one of the only outdoor radio shows of its kind in New York State.

His outdoor videos are produced for the DirksOutdoors YouTube channel (

Dave was the weekly outdoor columnist for The Times Herald-Record (, which is based in Middletown, N.Y., from 1999 to 2013. He is a long-time member of the New York State Outdoor Writers Association.

“I’ve been fishing and hunting for over 35 years,” he says. “During those years, I’ve had the opportunity to teach and take many friends into the fields and streams throughout New York State. I’ve also taught the skills of angling and hunting to each of my four growing children, who are now my best outdoor partners.”

Dirks is a lifelong resident of the Hudson Valley and fishes all over the United States. When taking a break from his work, Dirks can be found in the fields, streams or hiking paths with one of his children and other great friends.

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