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Will Blair grew up fishing the rivers and creeks of Michigan. After a move out west he went to Alaska focused on wilderness Rainbows fisheries. In 1994, Will read about the wilderness of Kamchatka and it was a life changing moment for him.

First working as a guide back in 1997 and 98 on Kamchatka for Katmai Lodges Zhupanova River program. He also spent the 2008 season on the Sopochanaya River for the Kamchatka Steelhead Project.

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Kamchatka's Wild Rainbows

Will Blair started working as a guide in Kamchatka in 1997 and was immediately captivated by the area. Kamchatka is still one of the most remote wild rainbow fisheries in the world and fishing it is an experience not found anywhere else. Join us to learn about fishing Kamchatka from one of the most respected experts in the industry.

Having just wet his appetite, he then spread his wings and has spent the years since exploring both coasts of Kamchatka. Will feels that Kamchatka is an opportunity not to be seen again, ever.

Will spent three years as the Kamchatka Travel Director for The Fly Shop. He was also the Marketing manager for Rapids Camp Lodge on the NakNek River in Bristol Bay. In the interim he fished many great destinations in South America, always chasing trout around the next river bend.

Will is privileged to operate three full service programs on Kamchatka with his long time Russian partner. The Oz Jet Boat Lodge sits on a river that must rank as one of the great Salmon and trout rivers on our planet. The Two Yurt River Float is a private river full of the same trophy Salmon and Rainbow Trout. Rainbows From Above is the a one of a kind daily flyout program targeting the most remote untouched trophy Rainbow streams on Kamchatka. Will’s outfitting business, The Best of Kamchatka, was named after these three programs. Emanating as lake drains and springs, the rivers of northern Kamchatka are home to native rainbows, salmon, char, grayling and best of all no people.

When not in Kamchatka he enjoys camping, hiking and photography with his wife and daughter on the front range of Colorado.


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