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Vince began his fishing career as a child watching his father who was a guide and commercial fly tier, going fishing every chance he had up until college where he put the rods down for a few years before moving out to Ft. Collins, CO in 1995 where he sold cars, went to C.S.U. for Wildlife Biology with a Fishery Science minor and helped run Angler's Roost. In 2003 health reasons led him to follow his passion full time and driven by a desire to catch more fish and create more durable and effective flies he signed a contract with Idylwilde Flies and later joined Umpqua's talented staff of tiers where they feature dozens of his patterns for sale around the world.

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Tying The Best-Selling Most Effective Fly Patterns

Vince Wilcox has always had his own take on things and that applies to tying flies as well. Vince developed his own patterns for many of the common challenges fly fishers face when enticing trout and many of those became the commercial patterns you may be buying today including nymphs, dry flies and terrestrials. Join us to hear from Vince why he developed these patterns, why they are so effective and how to fish them.

He has authored two books on fly tying Vince Wilcox's Guide to Tying Nymphs and Dry Flies - 2003, and Vince Wilcox's Naturally Artificial Signature Flies - 2012 and has written many articles for Fly Fisherman, American Angler, Southwest Fly Fishing, Northeast Fly Fishing, THIS IS FLY and remains a featured writer for Fly Tyer Magazine since 2005. "Vince Wilcox is the most creative and unorthodox tier of his generation. His flies are as fun to tie as they are to fish." - Ross Purnell, Editor, Fly Fisherman Magazine.

After over a dozen years in the Rockies it was time to return home in 2007 to open a new shop. Wiley's Flies began in 2003 as an online store and has grown into a full service outfitter, motel and fly shop in the Adirondack Park in the town of Ray Brook, NY. These days he can mostly be found running the day to day operations, but still gets out and guides for Trout, Bass, Northerns and Musky and in all that spare time ties about 10,000+ flies/year to help keep the bins full in the best stocked fly shop in northern, NY.


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