Tom Boyd

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Captain Tom Boyd is a fishing consultant, instructor, outdoor writer, editor and lecturer. He has over 50 years experience as a catch-and-release fly fisherman.

As a professional fisherman, he has traveled the world in pursuit of fresh and salt water species. He specializes in gamefish behavior and developing techniques to catch even the toughest species.

Listen to Tom Boyd's Shows...

Salt Water's Greatest Gamefish

Tom Boyd has fished the salt for more than 50 years and has done exhaustive research on saltwater fish behavior, spawning, migration patterns and baitfish. Listen in to hear Tom talk about some of the greatest gamefish and how to catch them on a fly.

The State of the Char

Tom Boyd not only fly fishes he researches, takes DNA samples, tags and learns everything he can about the fish he targets. Join us to learn what he's learned about the char including arctic char, dolly varden, brook trout and bull trout both anadromous and landlocked fish.

Trout, Salmon and Char

Tom Boyd has traveled the world studying trout, salmon and char. He's tagged them, done DNA analysis, studied their habitat and range as well as individual characteristics. In his recent book Trout Salmon and Char he presents new findings, behavior patterns and proven tactics to catch more fish. Join us and pick Tom's brain about this new data he's collected so you can better understand these fish and catch more of them.

As a fishing advocate, he champions the sport to everyone.

Tom’s new book is Saltwater’s Greatest Gamefish – Techniques and Tactics to Catch the Top 35 Species with Notes on Rankings and Speed, which is available from Stackpole Books and

Learn more about the adventures and research Tom does at his website.


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