Tim Lockhart

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Tim Lockhart has 35+ years of experience fishing in the Pacific Northwest, primarily western Washington. Over time he's frequented numerous lakes and ponds in his region, more than he can count, and currently makes repeated visits to about a dozen of them.

To a lesser extent, he's fished stillwater in eastern Washington, Oregon Idaho and the UK (resided in London 2007-8).

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Stillwater Strategies

Tim Lockhart has fished for over 30 years. Over those years he’s developed a practical system for productive fly fishing in stillwaters. Listen in to learn how to find the best lakes and prime water along with his best presentation strategies.

Stillwaters Simplified

Tim Lockhart is a stillwater fly fishing junkie and stillwaters provide some of the best opportunities for big fish. If stillwaters have intimidated you in the past get ready for an awakening. Join us and learn about the critical lessons for catching more trout in lakes, ponds and reservoirs.

Tim has also fished throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana for a wide variety of species; bass, salmon, steelhead and halibut are examples. This includes use of fly rod & reel as well as conventional gear in lakes, rivers and saltwater. At present, he fishes about 100 times per year. He's had a successful career in banking for 20+ years and is still at it.


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