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Tim Cammisa of “Trout and Feather” has been addicted to fly fishing and fly tying for about as long as anyone can remember. Although he and his wife Heather live in western Pennsylvania, fly fishing has taken him all over the country, with his fly fishing "home base" being the State College area. Some of Tim's favorite waters include the mighty Delaware (where he has guided) and Missouri Rivers; though discovering small streams with wild trout continues to excite him; his four-year old son Angelo especially likes this, as he gets to be the "fish spotter!"

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Fly Tying For Everyone

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Do Your Fly Rod, Flies and Techniques Travel Well?

Whether to a faraway famous location or a new stream in a nearby watershed, traveling is a common theme in fly fishing. During this podcast, Tim Cammisa of “Trout and Feather” shares some methods that have helped him be successful from his home state of Pennsylvania to recent destinations including Iceland, Wyoming, and more.

In 2019, Tim’s fly fishing included destinations in Wyoming, Florida, New York, and Iceland, with him hosting a trip to the latter this upcoming summer for Ice Age brown trout and gorgeous Arctic char.

Tim is one of the new generations of fly fishers who have taken to social media to promote and teach the sport. A fly fisherman and fly tier for 30 years, Tim started making fly tying tutorials and posting them on YouTube, which permits users to upload their own homemade videos on just about any topic.

Tim and his coffee mug have co-starred in over 250 videos on many different fly fishing and tying topics, like purchasing and maintaining gear, tying with certain materials or a specific fly pattern, and giving back to charities such as Project Healing Waters. Tim has had a great response to his videos – he now has an audience of over 20,000 subscribers with three million video views! You can view Tim’s fly tying and fly fishing videos on his website:


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