Terry Meyers

Fly Fisher/Conservationist

Terry Myers has a family tree made of bamboo. Born in Livingston Montana where her dad ran the Rainbow Motel and guided on the nearby rivers in the 1950’s and 60’s, Terry held a cane rod in her hand at a tender age. She also learned to run a pair of oars early just to keep up with family. She earned her guides license in 1978 on the Middle Fork and wilderness section of the Salmon River. Terry grew up with 4 river guide brothers, married an Idaho river outfitter and raised two kids on the river, who both also became river guides.

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Steelhead Quest for Awareness

Terry Meyers has guided for steelhead most her professional life and has been involved in conservation efforts to preserve the species. To bring awareness to the plight of the steelhead she went on a quest to catch a steelhead in every month of the year and write about it as she fished. Join us to hear about her quest and become educated in the future of steelhead.

With her husband, ranch animals and wild critters, she now co-manages a remote ranch on the Salmon near North Fork, Idaho. As with many folks in a small western rural community trying to eke out a living, Terry has worn many hats. She has a degree in and worked as an archaeologist for years in the mountains around Salmon. She also spent 10 years as a certified riding instructor and was the Executive Director for the local equine-therapy riding program.

Apart from steelhead fishing - well she is never apart from steelhead fishing - she volunteers for Trout Unlimited where she works to strengthen community ties to their watershed. Terry and a friend discovered the Stream of Dreams Mural Society on a fishing trip to British Columbia. They spent the next year bringing the fish art and education project to their Salmon schools. One of Terry's favorite people, Joan Wulff, once wrote that a fishing life is made up of stages; learning, going crazy doing, mastering, then education and conservation. “This hit home for me. These days I get just as much enjoyment teaching someone about fishing and casting and talking about a responsibility to the resource as I actually do fishing”. Terry is a grandmother of 5, mother of two and a wife of one.


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