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Taylor Edrington was raised in the fly fishing industry, and studied on the river under the tutelage of such greats as Gary Lafontaine, Mel Krieger, Chuck Fothergill, Larry Kingrey and his father Bill Edrington.

Suma Cum Laude graduate of the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, Taylor now owns and operates Royal Gorge Anglers on the Arkansas River.

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Seasons of the Arkansas River

Taylor Edrington, a professional guide, literally grew up on the Arkansas River in Colorado. His lifetime of experience on the river is invaluable to any fly fisher wanting to conquer this great river. Join us as Taylor walks us through the different seasons and how to effectively fish those seasons.

Prior to his ownership of RGA, Taylor grew up guiding and instructing on the Arkansas River and various other Rocky Mountain watersheds.

For just shy of a decade, Taylor guided in both Central and Southwestern Alaska, and is a US Coast Guard Certified Saltwater Captain. Taylor also worked as the general manager of a flagship lodge in the Iliamna region of Alaska for 3 seasons.

Along with his fly-fishing pursuits in the US, Taylor has hosted fly-fishing adventure travel for clients on 5 continents through his global adventure travel business, Cross Current Travel Group and holds three fly rod world records.

Beyond the details, Taylor is an extreme advocate for fishery conservation and simply strives to build awareness about the sport of fly-fishing for all ages.


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