Tad Burke

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Tad Burke has been a full-time fly fishing guide working in South Florida and the Florida Keys since 1986.

Listen to Tad Burke's Shows...

Tangling with Tarpon

Those that have fished for the Tarpon say it's addicting. So if you dare join Tad Burke a professional guide in the Florida Keys and learn his secrets about hooking up with a Tarpon and staying hooked.

Dorado On A Fly

Tad Burke a professional guide in the Florida Keys introduces us to dorado on the fly. Listen in and learn his secrets about hooking up with these beautiful but elusive fish.

Tad's specialty is hunting down trophy tarpon and bonefish and has guided his fly fishing clients to 38 top ten finishes in the Invitational Fly Championships with seven of these being first place finishes.

He's appeared in periodicals including the Florida Sportsman, Fly Fishing in Saltwater, Polo Magazine, Center Console Magazine, NPCA Publications, National Park Publications, Miami Herald, Palm Beach Post, Key West Citizen, Islamorada Free Press and the Islamorada Reporter.

Tad has contributed greatly to the sport of fly fishing and the fisheries he works in as directors and members of organizations such as the Commodore Florida Keys Fishing Guides Association, the Don Hawley Foundation, Bonefish & Tarpon Unlimited, Coalition of Park Users, the Near Shore Waters of Islamorada, Combined Structure & Operating Plan for Everglades National Park and the Sea Grass Outreach Partnership.

Even though Tad spends much of his time contributing to many of these great organizations he spends the majority of his time on the water learning more about tarpon and bonefish and hunting them down.

For more information on Tad's guide service visit his web site at


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